Makes Me Happy Monday : Bumper Stickers

Okay… not ALL bumper stickers make me happy.  But, I think communication is so important.  Bumper Stickers communicate.  You can look at the bumper stickers on somebody’s vehicle and get a good idea of what kind of person they are.

My instructor at school, Sherrie, has a huge sticker on her window.  It is the logo for the Life Is Good company.  It says:  Do What You Like      Like What You Do   with  the big, round smiling Life Is Good smiley in the middle.  That pretty much sums her up.  She loves life and lives it like she does.

I’ve seen this vehicle around my part of town more than once.  I think this person must be fun!!

this makes me laugh .... out loudI feel sorry for people that have snarky, bad attitude stickers on their cars…. just ’cause I feel sorry for them.  Life’s just too short to live it miserably!

Have you seen any great bumper stickers or window stickers lately?  I’ve love to hear about them!!


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