Slow Saturday Biking

Thursday evening, I headed down to Andy Jordan’s Bike Warehouse to join in on a group ride.  I’m still road-shy, though I have a road bike.  I’m just nervous about being out on my own.  I’m not sure where to ride or when and HOW to best be seen so that I’m not hit. Group riding just seemed like a good idea.

I arrived and was ready to ride when Andy and I began to talk.  I admitted that I hadn’t been on a bike in several weeks and he advised me not to join in on that particular ride, as it was strenuous.  I was grateful for the warning and happily stepped down.  I certainly don’t want to drag down a crowd with my lack of experience and speed. Andy advised me to come back on Saturday for the more laid back, social ride.  What great advice.

I headed back Saturday morning.  In our group of around a dozen folk, I was still the slowest pedaler.  We rode from downtown Augusta to the airport and the lock and dam in south Augusta.  It was truly a short ride, but I need so much instruction. Lock & Dam area in South Augusta

Andy was so helpful to guide me in how to up my cadence so that I could move faster. His help is always thoughtful and in-depth.  He listens, watches and takes time to instruct.  The more time I spend with him, the more I admire his love for cycling and the bicyclist. Though he got me moving in a way I hadn’t before,  I found I wasn’t any more tired after the ride than I had expected. It was a great ride …. though, I’m sure I slowed the group down : /

Yep, this is always my view:  someone in front of me.  But, that’s okay.  I have a terrible sense of direction so for me to be in front could be dangerous.  I don’t think I’ll ever be fast enough to be in front of anybody for long anyway.  And I’m okay with that.

After the ride, I headed into town to swim at the Aquatics Center.  I have been swimming laps at our neighborhood pool for weeks now.  The pool is 25 meters so I will need to swim 12 laps of down and back (24 lengths) to be able to reach me goal of the 600 meters required in the triathlon in a few weeks. It was quite refreshing to get to a larger pool and be able to swim 50 meters at a time.  I was able to swim the full 600 meters without a problem … though I did stop for a bit after each 100.   I won’t be very fast, but I know I can finish and I still have two weeks to continue to get stronger and build up endurance.

This event is at Mistletoe State Park.  It’s a 600 meter swim (around 1/3 mile), followed by an 11 mile bike ride and then a 3 mile run.  The run will definitely be the toughest for me.  I try NOT to run more than 1.5 – 2 miles at a time.  I just don’t want to completely wear out my joints before I’m an octogenarian!

I’m continuing to try to stay active and “waist away.” I’m running a little, biking a little, kayaking every now and then, belly dancing at least once (sometimes more) a week and swimming every few days. And, of course, I’m still “hanging around.” HA

Saturday was another step closer to the triathlon.  I only have two more weeks! I’m no big competitor.  My goal is to finish without injury.  I’m looking forward to it!!

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