So Happy

I am SO happy!  My sweet Joy is home.  She’s been away from home for two entire weeks.  Thank goodness, those two weeks weren’t back to back! That might have been too much for me to bare.Joy and Me : )

She went away to Camp Hope a few weeks ago.  This was her first “away from home” camp experience.  We have many friends who have spent summer after summer at Camp Hope.  We’ve been there as a family once or twice.  It’s a beautiful place in the hills of Dahlonega, Georgia.   If there was a place that I knew she would enjoy for her first camp experience, I knew Camp Hope would be it. She had a wonderful time.

This past week, she went to Omaha, Georgia.  Yes, there is an Omaha in Georgia. Omaha, Ga It’s a little place over near Columbus, on the Georgia/Alabama border.  Joy’s aunt offered for her to spend a week with them.

Aunt Janice was the true “Spoiler Aunt.”  She and Joy baked cookies, went fishing, ran errands, went to Westville (an 1850’s town), and Plains, Ga (boyhood home to President Jimmy Carter).  Joy got to drive the mule (an atv/golf cart kind of vehicle) all over Aunt Janice’s property.  There were other little girl cousins involved and Aunt Janice’s “daughter,” Bonnie (a sweet canine that gets her own cut of steak when the grill is fired up).

Ya know, I can’t say enough kind things about Janice.  She’s always amazed me.  She’s one of those people who can do anything at all.  She’s creative beyond measure, operates her own business, and  can shoot a deer …. before you even see it! She gardens and cans her bounty.  She and her husband built their cabin/home AND even added a deer processing area and  freezer.

I’m so glad that Joy was able to go for a visit and spend some really special time with family.

And I’m just as thankful that Joy is now home.  I missed her cheerful countenance around our home. I’ve missed her heelies.  I’ve missed watching her bounce down the street to swim team.  I’ve missed watching her craft and create around the house.   I’ve missed her magic tricks – illusion is her most recent interest.

Being silly while admiring a new hair cut

It won’t be long before school starts.
Only a few more weeks.
It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over ………..

I’ll miss her even more …..


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