Makes Me Happy Monday : Fields

How beautiful. <sighs>

I love to go home.

I miss South Georgia.  I miss the familiarity of its’ roads. I miss seeing faces that I recognize from years past. I miss the smell of freshly turned peanuts in the fall as they lay on fresh soil to dry a bit before being scooped up and binned in dryers. I pine for being splashed by a huge irrigation system that has so much land to cover, it must be positioned to splatter the back road with a few pops of water that drench my car for just a moment, before the hot August sun dries away the moisture. I miss the hawks that hide in the hardwoods high up in the canopy of the trees.

I don’t miss the gnats. <grimaces>

I yearn to watch the seasons in the dirt.


This field is at the end of the dirt road near Bonnie and sweet Nina’s house.  I took a trip to South Georgia this weekend and hopped from home to home.  It was the first time I’ve ever done that.  It was absolutely splendid.  I got to see a hand full of people, hug a dozen necks and sup and chat with so many familiar hearts.  It blessed me deeply.

And I drove on winding roads through fields of corn, soybean, tomato, melon and cotton.  I watched spigots fountain life to the green. I saw acres of corn where brown was viewed atop the field in the form of tassels announcing maturity and ripeness. And I saw death …. melons by the hundreds that didn’t make the pick before it was too expensive to pick them because the market was full…. so the farmer chose to leave them in the field – to nourish the soil and another year’s profits.

Yes, fields make me so very happy.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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