Cake from Scratch?

on her own …..

... chocolate, sprinkles, joy ....all by herself….

Both of my girls have a talent that I’ve never possessed.
They can make cake from scratch.

Every time I’ve ever …. do you hear me? EVER tried to make a cake in any way EXCEPT from a box, it has failed.  EVER

no, REALLY!!

But, Glory can make one.

And now, at the tender age of nine, sweet Joy can, as well!delightfully chocolate - sprinkled with funRecently, Joy asked if she could make a cake.  As she began to dig in the pantry, she loaded the counter with possible ingredients for her creation. She found that we didn’t have any real sugar, but would not be discouraged.  In the end, this cake had flour, cocoa powder, confectioners sugar, butter (I believe …. or maybe oil?), cream cheese (you can see little bits that settled to the bottom on the slice on the left), baking powder, eggs and cinnamon (yes, cinnamon … her own idea)  Not only did it rise, it was light and fluffy and oh, so delicious! OH! And she  used a hand whisk, because the motor on our hand mixer burned up about a month ago!

As the cake rested on the counter and cooled, she searched for an icing recipe. She found several that she liked and combined them to come up with the treat is on the cake.

Then came the sprinkles.

I must admit to you; as Joy began to fill the counter with goodies, I thought, “I’m not going to be a part of this!”  I’ve tried to make cakes following a recipe and they’re been flops.  I wasn’t about to step in and try to help Joy, knowing that this mismatched conundrum of ingredients would certainly lead to a failure of a cake.  So, I left her to her own demise … that way she wouldn’t be mad at me as a Mom and mentor if the cake failed. Boy, was I surprised. Not only did the cake rise into a beautiful, delicate treat, it was simply scrumptious! Joy was so excited that she immediately took a piece up to the pool where Glory is a lifeguard.  Glory was rightly impressed and took time to shower Joy with praise.Glory trying Joy's creation

I was as thrilled for Joy. Glory was pleased for her. And she was proud of herself.

What are some tricks or talents that your children have that you don’t possess and was it a surprise to you when you came to this realization?


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