Slowing down

I can feel it. Can you?

The days are getting shorter.
We are on that annual migration
to the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year,
December 21st.
As I celebrate the day of my birth,
September 22,
we will also experience the day that is as equally long through the night
as it is through the day; the summer equinox.Maple in FallIt’s a gift, you know? This slowing down … this absence of sunlight that causes us to slow down and rest. We all need rest …there is a time for everything … a season for every activity under heaven … a time to move and a time to rest …. a time to plant and a time to harvest … a time to mourn and a time to laugh.

I have enjoyed my winters more in the past few years as I have figured out what is good for me, and what is not. But, oh how I dislike the sluggish feel that accompanies my body. It is like a weight that I carry, an absence of energy that I feel from head to toe. As with all things living, I tire and slow. I do not like it, but surely it is necessary, less we wear our bodies out.  Do you feel it, as well?  Is it something that you notice?... autumn announcement ...  Dogwood tree

The dogwoods are always the first to show signs of autumn here in the south.  Select leaves mottle brown and rust, edges ruffle in yellows and lime, centers vein in russet and crimson. Sweet Joy has already found a beautiful, fallen leaf that she tenderly brought to me to share.  “Look, Mama.  I think this is the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen,” she proclaimed.

Yes, the dogwoods are getting ready.

Every year, I grow in understanding and wisdom.  Every year I learn a little more about how our bodies work, how my system functions, how the seasons turn and His creation maneuvers through the turning of our globe.

I wonder if things will be different this year?
Will the weight of being released
make my days more easy to bear?
Some years have been harder than others.
I’ve known there was displeasure in my home for decades.
I’ve struggled with hopelessness off and on …
knowing in my spirit that there was nothing I could do to fix things.

But, now … I am free. I am released.
I stand fresh, unbridled and renewed.Dogwood treeAnd so I view the solstice differently.

There will be a slowing down, but I will use it to rest.
There will be a chill in the air, but I will embrace it fireside.
There will be less sun for energy,
but like Frederick the mouse,
from Leo Leonni’s  book,
I will remember the summer beauty
and I will be refreshed and warmed from within.Confederate Jasmine - flower & bloom


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