Makes Me Happy Monday : People at the Park

It only seems like a very  few weeks ago that I took these sweet pictures ….

Mamas enjoying each other, fresh air and watching their sweet littles ones play

but I know it had to be longer.  They were taken right around the first week that our pool opened. The pool opened the last weekend in May!

And here it is, the middle of August.

The summer flies by, doesn’t it?  Every year, it seems to spring from the start to the finish, with one fell swoop!

The summer has been fun and full …
and I hate to see it end. mamas and their babies at the parkPart of the reason I hate to see summer end is because, during the school year, the children don’t play.  They go to school early, come home mid-afternoon and then have homework that keeps them inside with pencil in hand and noses in books.  There is no time to investigate, to explore, to search and find and dig and jump and get dirty. You don’t have the chance to ride by the park and see them sliding, swinging and climbing.   They aren’t in the field playing kickball or the basketball court shooting hoops.  This will be so for my own sweet Joy this year, as hard as it is for me accept. It makes me sad.  I miss the children  … I will miss Joy …. September through May.

cars lined up in front of the playground

In the summer, the street is lined with cars.  They park and the children spill out and race to the park, to the basketball court and the pool.  They squeal, holler and yell.  They chase, laugh and scream. Happiness wafts through the air mingled with humidity and cicada songs.

And in the fall and winter, it is quiet.

People at the park make me happy.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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