Pet Changes

Our home seems to have an ever-morphing group of inhabitants.  We have entrances and exits that keep things interesting – and I like that.

My sweet friend, Heather, has settled into her new home in Virginia, but her dear furry one, Brier , is still with us.  She will probably be with us for a while … until we can orchestrate a drive north or can meet midway.Brier

My big kids just love Brier.  She’s a quirky girl.  She’s very vocal.  When you talk to her, she’ll talk back.  In fact, as long as you talk to her, she’ll talk back.  And she’s more often found sleeping belly up on the floor, than in the normal “protect my belly” position of most resting animals. She will not jump through the cat door to get into the utility room where the litter box and kitty food are located (out of range of our canine member).  Well, obviously, she DOES jump through, because she’s not starving.  But, she will patiently wait for hours for some sucker family member to open the door.  I guess, she gives up when we all leave the kitchen/living area and she finally wiggles her way through (she’s not svelte like our Cat-man-do, Smudger).  If we’re around though, she sits … and sits … and waits.

We’ve done some more pet sitting lately.  We had neighbors at Fort Gordon, when we first arrived in Augusta, who moved north.  It’s been about three or four years since we’ve really gotten to visit.  They came through town on their way to a Disney/Sea World getaway and left their pets with us.

For me, pet sitting is just as much (or more) about the people friendships as it is about the pets.  I’ve been to kennels and hear the dogs insistent barking.  I’ve seen the cages where the pets live.  That type of babysitting is fine for a day or two, but it’s just too stressful for an extended stay.  Many pet parents feel that way.  So, when we’re pet sitting for other families, it’s as much about friendship and serving the Mom and Dad as it is about the furry folk being comfortable. I see it as a way of ministering to others and blessing them, and that’s important to me.  My kids need to see that, oftentimes, ministering to others is messy and inconvenient, but it’s very important, because people are important.  If they can grasp that at a young age, I have done well.

When Sarah emailed me to ask me about a good kennel, I told her we would be happy to pet sit for her.  Whitekeys (rear) and Hippy (front)

Her kitties were almost reclusive.  They stayed in the party room (Mother in law suite) most of the time.  They had plenty of room and there is often a family member out there for something.  We have had a television out there, so some of the time, we would be out there watching tv.  Both cats received plenty of attention.  The shot above is of the two of them hiding inside a chest of drawers that temporarily had a drawer removed.  (Joy took that shot … so it’s a little close : )

Daisy was an unusual addition for us…. not because she was so odd, but because she and Dulcie made an odd combination.  Both are fiercely afraid of storms – which we had SEVERAL during our almost two week visitation.  With each flash of lightning, Dulcie would pace up and down the hall and whimper.  With each clap of thunder, Daisy would bark three or four times.  They were quite a pair.Daisy snuggling under the table Here, she sits under the table, snuggling with me as storm clouds roll in one afternoon.  She knew what was coming.

Our last big change is that we gave away Valentino.  As he matured, testosterone raced through his little bunny body and he decided he didn’t want to be held any more.  This was no big surprise.  I don’t know many teenage boys who want to snuggle.  Having him fixed would have improved the situation, but Glory nor Ryan didn’t want to spend the $130.00.  As sweet Ryan and Glory have broken up, this left Glory to care for this bunny single-handedly (hmmmmmm…. sounds like a relationship of the people kind, doesn’t it?).  She was cleaning the cage and paying for food and …. well, we just decided we needed to find Val a home that was better fitted for him. Valentino

After many, many calls from several weeks of ads, I praise God because I think we found just the right fit for him.  A grandparent couple who live in the country and have goats, chickens, doves, pigs and koi came to take him home.  They have grandchildren who visit often and were looking for a male bunny for their two females.  I think he’ll be quite happy with them.

So, the bunny has a new home.  The three visitors are gone. And Brier will only be with us for another six weeks.

I think I need another fish.

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