Makes Me Happy Monday : Pillowcases

Oh My Goodness!!  Look at this pillowcase!  I bought a pair of them at Target. They don’t match my bedding at all … but I saw them and wanted them so much!!!  They were in the back-to-school section with all the other fun, dorm-looking items that are filling baskets and buggies and being wheeled out of the store in preparation for the  kids’ return to campuses across the nation.  I love the retro, hippie-vibe! Target Back-to-school retro cartoon pillowcasesI love the 70’s look, the little birdies and the TREES! They even SAY “I love trees!!” They were MADE for ME!   And look! They even have MUSHROOMS on them!!

I’m thoroughly enamored with my new pillowcases.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Pillowcases

  1. LOL! i have looked at these pillow cases about 5 times in the last month. (i’ve been to target a lot. 🙂 )
    i want them, but they don’t really “go” and yet… i love them so much
    glad you have them. i think they’re awesome!


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