Only One “Child” at home

It is official.  Today is Glory’s 18th birthday. As of today, August 26th, I only have one child left at home.  I remember walking in the shoes she currently wears.  She’s only a few steps from the door.  Ahead of her, is a huge world full of freedom and challenge, friendships and fun, adventure and satisfaction.

Satisfaction is truly what I felt when I left behind high school and leapt into the world of college.  The struggles that I found so tangled and difficult in high school dissipated in college.  I was free to be myself. I was no longer afraid to be me. I was happy to be in a new place, comfortable in my own skin.

And I pray that for her.  She’s always thought that things would have been better, had she not been homeschooled.  What she doesn’t yet know is that, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Had she been in public school, private would have looked better. Had she been in private school, parochial school would have looked inviting. It doesn’t matter where “we” are, we always seem to think that “over there” is better.

But now …. she can go “over there.”  She can make those choices.  She can drop this and begin that.  She can leave this job and pursue another.  She can change majors in school.  She can trade cars.  She can buy a new dress.  It’s all up to her.

I hope that I have done my job well enough that she will be well prepared for what is ahead. And I hope that, along the way, she will still ask for direction and heed my advice, when it fits.

I pray that she will make wise decisions with friendships, jobs, and clothing … with boys, church and nail polish …. with pets, cell phone plans and food.  It all matters.  Everything that we touch has an influence on some other area of our life.

She’s a wonderful young woman.  She is cheerful,  friendly and responsible. She is beautiful, quick witted and a quick study.  She is independent, opinionated and inclusive.  She can cook, drive well and do a pull up.  She’s really amazing.

And so I look ahead, not behind.  I remember who she was, but so much better, I know who she is today and I look ahead with anticipation.

Happy Birthday, sweet Glory.  You make me proud. You make me smile.


One thought on “Only One “Child” at home

  1. you are amazing. you have raised an incredible girl. oops- i mean WOMAN! 🙂 she is beautiful, funny, kind, creative, energetic, compassionate, silly, loud, quiet… loves God. loves you. she IS amazing.
    i’m so thrilled for you. so thankful to have you as an example of celebrating what’s to come. so grateful to walk in your footsteps and learn to love each stage i pass through with my kids. each one has delight and a bit of a sting.
    cheers to you karen. you have been given an incredible girl- and you helped mold her into something unbelievable!


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