Not What I Planned

Isn’t it funny how some days just don’t go as you plan?

Yesterday was such a day.

I stayed up until midnight night before last
so I could be up to wish Glory a happy birthday on the 26th….. which set me back in my energy to get up on time on Wednesday morning.  I was supposed to have Joy at school by 8:00 so I can be at my own class by 8:15.   I was awakened by a phone call at 7:50.  nice.

Even though the day BEGAN later than it needed, class was awesome as we celebrated with my instructor, Sherrie.  We had a cookout with all the classmates from our class and her partner/instructor, Jason, and all of his cohorts.  I’d guess we had a celebratory group of around 60 people. 

And, yes, I’m the one who brought the Birthday Banana.  Sherrie has everything and anything she needs so I wanted to bring her something original for her 50th.  I decided she would probably only receive one birthday banana so I might as well be the one to bring it!!

Throughout the morning, we played mandolin, ate grilled meat, sang songs, laughed, took photos and watched wax melt away atop a cake of black while we serenaded the birthday girl.

By the time I arrived home, we began getting things in order for celebrating Glory’s big day!

Funny thing is, I bought $35.00 worth of rib eye (don’t think I’ve ever spent that much for ONE meal for FIVE people)  … BUT … no charcoal lighter fluid for the grill.  By the time Glory got back from running errands (which included buying charcoal lighter fluid), it was getting late and I realized that I hadn’t even baked the sweet potatoes.  *facepalm*
In the end, we put aside the birthday dinner plans and ran to Sonic for dinner!

Waving flames atop a cake of chocolate, through and through

The big present for the big day was:
an Ipod Touch.
We usually keep gifts to a minimum on most birthdays, but for the big two (16 and 18), we go a little bigger. It was bought for her a few months ago and set aside for her.  Glory was SO excited! Ryan and Glory ... syncing up her new iPod Touch

As the years roll by, I’m learning that so much of what we plan for our lives
never comes to fruition.
There are the small disappointments
that won’t be remembered in a year (like forgotten charcoal lighter fluid)
or the earth-moving disappointments like a spouse walking out,
a life-altering, debilitating disease
or the loss of a child
that change the entire trajectory of our lives.
No matter the tragedy,
we make the choice
in how we react.
Grieving takes time … but we should strive to keep moving
towards healing and recovery.
Sometimes, we can find ourselves bogged down and discouraged or bitter and angry
because the death of any dream is often hard to watch.
This life …. is often not what we had planned for ourselves
or envisioned for our loved ones.
When we can learn to let go of our dreams
and let God hold our hand as we walk this tumultuous path of life
we’ll find that the replacements for our dreams
can hold glory and strength.
We might not have chosen this path,
but the beauty that is gained
has the potential to outweigh the pain of the tragedy.

So, our day wasn’t what we had planned.
If I had told Glory a month ago
that I was planning to take her to Sonic for her 18th birthday,
she would have been sorely disappointed.
As it turned out, Sonic ended up being a perfect choice!

And we’ll be having rib eye, sweet potatoes and asparagus with homemade hollandaise for dinner soon!  YUM.

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