Makes Me Happy Monday : Mushrooms

As I made me way through the cool morning grass to retrieve the mail,
I was distracted by a beautiful little fungus twins in our front yard.
Fall brings a bounty of them, as the dampness of a wet season settles.
With the shortening of days and added moisture,
fairy rings re-emerge and lone-standing mushrooms dot the grass,
hide amongst the hedges and peek from decaying limbs.


I love mushrooms, smuts and morrels, truffles, and puffballs alike. There is something so beautiful about their unusual shape, earthy hues and mixture of texture. While most gardeners pluck mushrooms from their yard and toss them away as unattractive or a nuisance, I rather unashamedly admire them.


I grabbed my camera and took photos of the mushroom pair then glanced around to see if I might spy others in nearby yards.  One step lead to another, and I found myself rounding the block and heading back up the slight incline to our home.


Hiding from light


in the safety of the shadows


they tell a tale of real life fairies

Fairy House, Mushroom

with moss carpets and acorn footstools.
acorn, moss

The underdog in the gardening world, where tender bud, beautiful
blossom and full bloom are highly prized,


I rather treasure the simple, unpretentious fungi.

Yes, Mushrooms make me so very happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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