Warped Tour And A Thunderstorm

I thought I would share an on-line conversation that happened about a month ago on Facebook.

Glory and her friend, Amber, went to an outdoor concert in Atlanta.  There are dozens of bands that play all day long on over a half dozen stages spread across a huge parking lot with thousands of hot, sweaty, exhausted teenagers following one favorite band after another.  Like most events of this type, there are positives and negatives.  A positive is the low cost of being able to see your favorite bands in one day in one spot.  The negatives … are …. well, they’re numerous.

None-the-less, I agreed to let Glory attend this year with her friend.  I knew they would have fun and I trusted them to make wise decisions.

They found themselves parking in a “cow pasture” near the event, but still a good trek from the entrance gate.  They went in and had a great day.  Clouds began to roll in as the afternoon passed.  Glory is very apprehensive of thunderstorms and the band they wanted to see had been moved to a covered stage with a delayed concert time from around 6:30 to nearly 8:00 (if I remember right) to allow for set up and crowd movement.  After discussing the situation, the girls decided to head home.  They didn’t want to miss the band, but they didn’t want to wait that long for the concert and Glory DID NOT want to stand in a thunderstorm to watch.  They knew they would beat the traffic rush if they left right then. They left home early in the morning,  so they were tired and ready to get home.  They called me with an update and headed to the car.

Fifteen minutes later, they called to say that they see the car keys to Amber’s car inside her vehicle on the floor board of her Jeep. Glory was worried. The rain had started by this time and both of their cell phones were dying.  They couldn’t go back into the event because departure means no re-entry.  I know she was most upset over the storm, but everything factored in was causing her concern. What would they do?

We talked it through.  Amber would talk to her mom because she thought they had AAA.  They should be able to have someone unlock the doors of the vehicle. The two would keep in touch.  Glory and Amber Lane

I posted this status update to my Facebook account:

9:09 pm Nice. Glory, my almost 18yod, is at The Warped tour in ATL with her friend, Amber… locked out of Amber’s car in the parking lot in the pummeling rain. They’re waiting for AAA to come unlock the car. Grace called to say, not to worry, because they had made friends with the cute guys parked next to them in the parking lot … where they’re locked out of the car … in the dark …. in the rain …with two dying cell phones

Della Wheeler Lovett
where, oh where, is your faith?
This is the conversation that transpired within the hour:
9:11 Della: where, oh where, is your faith?
9:12 Me:  Oops … Karen F. when I re-wrote this status (typos) and removed the old one … with it your comment.  Karen F. said “nightmares……..”  But, I’m not really worried. It’s a freak thing and God can take care of her in the rain in an emptying concert parking lot just like He can in her bedroom. It’s not a good situation, but fretting won’t help … so I’ll just wait for the next phone call. We’re in touch. But, I’ll def be glad when she gets home tonight.
9:13 Candy: Praying with you. Just reminded God about the angels He has in charge of the girls (not that He needed the reminder, but it made me feel better).
9:16 Val: Triple A is on the way. That’s a blessing. Think positive.
9:18 Sherrie: Hey, this is how we learn! It’s all just a test anyway . . .
9:19 Colleen: And the amazing thing is that they will be ok…peace.
9:19 Melinda: praying too, and waiting to hear that she is home safe and sound…
9:22  Paula: Make sure to let us know she is home safe!!
9:26 Me : AAA has arrived. Yay!
Me : Now they’re in the car!!! PTL.
9:39 Josh: Yay!!
9:39 Paula: They will be home soon safe and sound! Yay for AAA!!!
9:42 Jim: We just prayed for their safety
9:42 Me : Three hours from there to ….
9:43 Amy: Hallelujah! My gal’s on the road back from there too!
9:44  Jessie: Glad to know they’re on their way home now. Praying for their safety.
11:09 Jenny: Wonder if they were my cute sons she was parked next to. I know a bunch of cute guys that were there from Augusta….Ha!
11:10 Me:  Yay! They’re both home!!  Thanks for the prayers.
1:13 Glory: woahwoahwoah.
let me clarify something.
these two guys were definitely not cute.
they were just a little bit on the sketchy side, but at least they were nice.
1:24 Mary Ann: Hope you didn’t get in the car with them – cute or not!
Glad that you are SAFE! 🙂
1:27am Glory: haha, no ma’am I didn’t. Thanks! me too 🙂
1:43 Melinda : Glad you are home safe!
I share this story because of the realization that it brought to my wonderful Glory.  Keep in mind, I am the one always looking for God in the physical world.  I talk about Him at home, but I don’t get a lot of response from my children.  We don’t have deep conversations about His workings or His word.  I always question myself and wonder “why?”  No matter the reason, I am always grateful when I hear any of them share some idea that lets me know that they’ve seen Him, heard Him or felt Him moving in their life.  This event did that for Glory – and I praise Him!!
In conversation the following day, Glory said that she was thankful for that thunderstorm.
Whoa.  Did you read that?  T h a n k f u l
If you could see her tremble and shudder with fear when lightning strikes and thunder rumbles, you would realize that this is a monumental statement for her.
But, she was thankful.
Had the storm not rolled in, the band’s performance wouldn’t have been changed.
Had the performance time not been changed, they would not have decided to leave early.
Had the girls not left early, they would have been one of thousands
leaving the concert at the same time ….
to find that the keys were locked in the car and the parking lot was emptying.
Thus they would have been standing beside Amber’s car well into the night,
alone in a pasture in a sketchy part of town with dead cell phones,
waiting for a locksmith to come and save them.
And so, Glory was thankful … for a thunderstorm.
Thank you, Lord, for showing yourself
to my children
in their everyday lives that includes
bumps, bruises and detours.

4 thoughts on “Warped Tour And A Thunderstorm

  1. how beautiful! how awesome is that? and what a blessing for you as a mother to see her shining heart, turned towards the Lord in thanksgiving.


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