Makes Me Happy Monday : Mondays with Joy

Mondays with Joy were a given.

We take so much for granted, don’t we? Joy ... by the beach

Mondays were expected.

They were common, everyday and average.

With the recent change in our lives, Joy is now far from me during school hours.
She is at public school and I am at tech school. We do not cross paths during the week ’til late afternoon each day.

And so, Mondays spent with Joy are now a memory.

But, today is a treat.  This Labor Day Monday, Joy and I are camping at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina.  My big kids weren’t able to get off work to join us, so Joy and I ventured out on our own.  I’m not afraid – I can put up a tent in the dark.  On a busy weekend like this, there will be people all around.

We’ll spend our weekend perusing the shores for sharks teeth, crab and all sorts of critters, creepers and crawlers. We’re taking our bicycles to ride the streets and shores.  I’m taking nary a thing to cook, except a few hotdogs.  We’ll dine on cereal, yogurt, string cheese, granola, dried fruit, egg salad, tuna salad and granola bars.

And I’m taking along Robinson Crusoe.  I’ve never read the book and know that Joy will be enthralled.  I can’t wait to crack the spine and dig into the pages.

Mondays with Joy were once common….

these days, they are a treat.

Yes, Mondays with Joy Make Me Happy.

What will bring you joy this marvelous Labor Day Monday?

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