Joy of Reading

I think one of my favorite parts of our trip to Hunting Island over the weekend
was the time spent reading with my sweet Boo.

At home, life gets in the way.
We’re coming.
We’re going.
There is always some chore to do
or some place to go
or some “urgent” thing
that weeds out our
reading time. my view of our quiet timeBut, at the beach, we took it.
We seized it … stole it … captured it for good.
We took the time to stop and read.
I read to Joy in the morningand again in the evening.

And she read to me
as I drove home.

It was precious.

Why don’t we make the time to read when we’re at home?  I LOVE to read. I love words …. to write …. to converse …. to share ideas, thoughts, imagination. And then to discuss the topic at hand.

When my big kids were small, we read every day or nearly so.  I guess it was after my youngest was born that reading time began to be removed from our daily lives.  My oldest two became busy with activities that took us away from home (they were eight and ten when the youngest was born) and we just never returned to that sweet, quiet place.

I continue to allow our day to be squeezed until
another one passes
without our sharing poetry, fiction or fact.

I must make this change.
I must find the time,
create the time,
steal it,
squeeze it
and mold it into being.

I must.

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