Wonderful Weekend Wishes

Another quiet weekend has begun.
There was a time when I dreaded the weekend. Everybody was home and messes were big and chores went un-done and … I longed for the routine of the weekday. But, now, things are different.  My Friday nights have been quiet for almost a month.  My youngest has gone off for the weekend and my big kids have been working.  OH, how I miss my girl, but have to admit that I have enjoyed accomplishing so much with uninterrupted time on my hands. This has left me home with the furry friends to keep me company as I continue to clean, organize and cull.  I’m making great progress, and so thankful.

The iPod is playing great selections of new and old favorites.  I have instrumental jazz, Jason Mraz, eclectic alternative tunes and some Norah Jones lilting through the air.  I picked up a bottle of Bath & Body Works’s new home oil fragrance, Leaves. It is simmering in my warmer so we’re experiencing fall indoors and out.  The doors are open to let in the crisp autumn air and I’m so thankful for the peace that we’re enjoying, on my levels. 

No matter where you are this weekend – at home or out exploring – I hope and wish is that you have a grand weekend.


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