Blessing in disguise?

I don’t know why I have this fascination with Brier.  I’ve written about her a few times before. You could read here and here, if you’d like.  She’s my dear friend, Heather’s, feline.  She’s with us for a bit, until I can make my way to Virginia to return her to her rightful family.

She’s kindof a quirky thing – but most living beings are, aren’t they?

She sleeps on high places, rather than the floor or comfy furniture.  We’ve decided this is because her home is filled with little hands that can reach the lower places.  Crawlers and scooters are on the floors and cruisers and walkers can reach couches and chairs.  But, ahhhh…… table tops are a little more difficult to reach.  This is simply self-preservation.  Her favorite place to sleep?  The desk by the window on the back of the house.

She’s an incessant talker.  As long as you look at her and talk, she’ll meow back.  She does not tire … ever.

She drinks more water than the dog.  Seriously.  Is she near kidney failure?  I can’t figure this out.

She is … overweight.  In her Ristau home, she was once part of a two kitty family.  The other cat, Hammer, was quite the man.  If he was in human form, he would sport tatoos, use profanity in everyday language and kick your fanny if you looked at him wrong. He was a ladies man with a ‘tude.  He was a tough guy.  I think Brier must have felt the need to eat all she could because he was going to be near the bowl soon and she knew she’d be out of luck then.  So, she eats … a lot.

But, while she’s been here, she’s lost a little bit of weight.  We have a kitty door to the utility room.  This separates the litter box and cat food from the rest of the house and, thus, keeps the dog out of them.  You would think that Brier can’t fit through the little door. Truth be told, we’ve seen her go through it and she does have to do a little “wiggle thing” to squeeze through. BUT, it’s no true tight fit.  It’s not hard …. in fact, it’s kinda comical. Rather than climb through,  she sits outside the big door and waits and waits and waits – if we are around to see her.  She’s waiting for someone to open the door so she can slip in.  If she’s in another part of the house and hears the door open, she comes running.  If we’ve gone in, she knows we’ll be coming out.  And she darts through our legs as this happens.  We’ve noticed that she will sit outside the door for up to an hour, waiting for us to open the door.  When we leave the kitchen for an extended period of time, she realizes it’s useless… and she jumps through.  We figure, we’re helping her lose weight by making her wait a bit.  Trust me.  She’s not wasted away while we’ve had her.  But, you can see her flap hanging over the side of the coffee table here. We’re thinking of suggesting a tummy tuck for her. The oddest thing, of late, is her fascination with a wooden crate.  It is a great little crate that was most recently filled with a smorgasbord of paperwork – that I have since organized and put away!!  Yay!!  After emptying it, I moved it to the screened porch to be moved under the house … when Brier found it.  She climbed inside and stayed the afternoon.  We found her there several days in a row, until it was moved back inside by a child.  It’s now been donned “Brier’s crate,” as remains in the chair beside “Brier’s desk.”  I’m wondering if her fascination with the crate is a continuation of her need to feel safe (like preferring tables over the floor or furniture).  Inside the crate on the first day/sticking her head out after being My sweet Glory has divulged that she will surely cry when Brier goes home.  Cry? Yes.  She will miss her dearly. Even James says he will miss her. He’s always been the cat-man-do around the house.  He’s much more of a cat lover than a dog person.  He, too, says he will miss her.  In fact, there are more pictures of Brier on his phone than there are of our own Smudger.

I don’t know if it’s her talkative spirit, the fact that she comes when you call her (she’s an affection hound) or her quirkiness that is most appealing.

But, whatever it is, Brier will be missed when she’s gone.  We’re enjoying her.  She’s a bright spot in our days and I appreciate that ..

what I thought was going out of my way to bless another family

in fact has been a blessing in disguise to my own.

God is good like that.


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