Makes Me Happy Monday : Witicisms

I am lover of thoughts, words, phrases.  I find wordplay fascinating.  Whether music is melodious or not, the trickery of the lyrics in a song is always the clincher for me.  A well written book is as much about each individual sentence as it is about the storyline and unfolding mystery that undergirds it.  Puns, riddles and word puzzles fascinate me. Glory & I at Arts in the Heart art festival here in Augusta this weekend

My sweet Glory is quite similar.  At a young age, words escaped her.  She didn’t communicate well until her more recent years.  There have been times when she will not  want to talk about something.  She will say, “I’ve never been good with words.” Ooooh, oh, no… this is no longer so.  She is an excellent conversationalist now and can express herself well.  Her bedside table always has a stack of books upon it.  And her walls are covered with jotted words, memorable quotes and simple sayings. Arts in the Heart - Glory

So, it was no surprise that she was drawn to this necklace.  I’m not one to lavish the children with gifts and desires at the drop of a hat.  But, Glory almost always has on a necklace.  She has three or four that she wears all the time.  I knew this necklace would be well-worn so I bought it for her. While she turned her back to chat with some friends who had wandered up to the booth,  I made the purchase.

Isn’t it precious?  It’s a diamond necklace.  Do ya get it????Glory's new diamond necklaceIt is a creation of Kathryn Riechert whose work can be found at her website She had a whole booth of clever jewelry, crafted from sterling silver, stone and gold with enamel, wire and jewels for embellishing. It is simple. It is beautiful. And it is crafted well to last a lifetime. We were enamored with the pieces.

Arts in the Heart artist, Kathryn Riechert and my sweet Glory, donning her diamond necklace

And I especially loved the fact that this sweet little necklace involves a play on words.

Puns make me laugh. Riddles bring joy.
And witticisms make me smile…. especially when written in silver and crafted well.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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