Autumn Affection

I love Autumn.

I love the sound of crisp leaves crunching underfoot.  I don’t rake my leaves several times a week, like many do.  I let them accumulate.  They form a multicolored blanket to snuggle my grass. I’m grateful that the season’s depth of beauty even reaches the ears.

I adore the colors of the season…. deep ambers, rich rusts, beautiful burgundies, crimson and olive. How thankful I am that God gave us the ability to see the colors of the season, when He could have chosen to only allow us to see this wonderful world in black and white and shades of gray.

With fall, comes the texture of rough corduroy cottons, smooth velour bedspreads, and thick woven sweaters. Denim is  heavy and darker, shirts are sleeved and bed clothes are no longer skimpy, but soft, snugly and flannel.

Here in Georgia, the smells of summer are so filled with humidity that pool chlorine is the only one that stands out in my mind.  But, ahhhhhh, how autumn brings with it full bodied smells of stews and soups, fresh breads of banana and pumpkin, delicious coffees, and that first whiff of wood smoldering in a fireplace. 

I love autumn, in part, because from around my birthday/fall equinox (September 22) until the day after Thanksgiving, there is a spirit of gratitude all around.  I try to bring out our fall decorations near my birthday so that we can enjoy them for a full two months.  I think they help us transition indoors visually into a spirit of gratefulness.

Every year I say I will make a Blessing Box that we will fill throughout the year and then open on Thanksgiving of the next, but I have never done it. Maybe I will make one now and we can simply spend the weeks ahead jotting down notes of gratefulness.  It might actually be embraced better by my children if we begin now and focus on it for a short period of time.   And it would be good salve for us to truly think about and share all the blessings that we have right now, for they are many.

As every new season chases away the old, I am thankful.  Each has it’s special qualities. And though Autumn ushers in a slowing down that causes me some struggle at times, it is still my favorite season.  The richness of the season simply brings me joy. As the colors, textures and sounds
in the world around you deepen and intensify,
may you find your focus on the gifts in your life do the same.

I continue with my list of 1,000 gifts …

4. the tears and moans of a broken heart that cannot be at home to school

5. baubles and trinkets of amber and olive, fruits and leaves in earthy tones that are brought out of hiding to grace our home, ushering in the season of gratefulness, Thanksgiving
6. the determination of a child to be frugal and thrifty, to save and squirrel away
that she can reach the goal of independence and ownership … a car titled in her name
7. green earthy moss, holding moisture within … hugging the ground and curves of the earth
8. the ability of a ten year old to create a game with crisp paper and pointed pencil, teach it and share it with me as we wait patiently for a meeting
9. silky smooth coat of black and white on a flea-less canine, bathed in love by a sweet girl who knows how to be tender and patient as she cleans
10. the sound of acorns bouncing on the back deck to remind me that fall has arrived


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