Makes Me Happy Monday : History

Rich friendships are good.
Rich friendships with history are even better.

In the last few months, I’ve had the chance to visit with several friends
that I haven’t seen in years.  Kenneth at the piano playing a song for me ... and making my heart sing

I’ve traveled to beach, lake and hometown.  Diana & Liv - came here for the Ironman Triathlon.  They are friends from Bainbridge that I haven't seen in at least six years.

They’ve come here, as well. I love this photo ... Della's husband took it ... it's kind of goofy ... but ... somehow, it feels right .... Della & I talking .... Jeff interrupting .... taking a photo .... while we're off guard

We have chatted over coffee, lunch and an evening meal.  Enjoying a breakfast coffee on the square at Bean Around the World in Bainbridge with my sweet friend Linda!!!

We have exchanged gifts, laughter and shared tears.  Me, my friend Karen, from Atlanta and my friend Mary Ann, from Tampa.  A shot from our St. Augustine visit.

And it has been good.

I find it difficult when I have shared a close friendship
or just a kindred spirithood
with someone whom I later lose
somewhere during the busy-ness of life
or the rush of a move.

Which is what makes reconnection so tenderly sweet.

I’m thankful for the friends that surround me in my life right now
but I’m also deeply grateful for friendships with history.
I love to reconnect
catch up
see the smiles
hug the necks
and take in the presence
of a distant friendship

Yes, friendships are wonderful
but friendships with history are grand.

1000 Thumbnail11) the desire of a friend to play a sweet melody for me
12) determination in the lives of others to set a goal and reach it, no matter how great the difficulty
13) fall leaves skittering, rolling, and tumbling across the ground
14) flea soap
15) the colors amber, olive and every shade brown
16) healthy joints and bones
17) the wood thrush and his beautiful song
18) my 1997 brown grocery hauler that cranks when I turn the key
19) creativity
20) Sam Griffin, the editor of the Bainbridge, Ga newspaper that wrote a story about only choosing blue for the color of his toothbrush.  That’s one decision he never has to make again. That makes me smile.


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