Sun and Swallows

Last week,  I was blessed with an invitation by Sherrie, my instructor at school,  to join her on the canal for a morning of paddling.  We were in the middle of the break between quarters. With Joy at school, I was free to breakaway and go.   I’ve been spending my time putting things in order in our home.  It’s SO hard for me to “play” when I know there is something needful to do.  But, I knew that I needed to go and would thoroughly enjoy myself if I could just pry myself away from the “stuff” and focus on the important … friendship. Light & Dark from within a watery tunnel

We had such a nice time paddling and talking.

I always wonder how I became such a Martha.  Why is it so hard to sit and talk … or walk and converse …  or paddle and fellowship … or lounge and read aloud with a child … or run and play?  Why am I drawn to that which will be there (the stuff – piles of things that would remain for decades if no one was there to move it) and prone to push away that which is fleeting (the people –  spirits made in the image of God within tents that are temporary)?  I don’t know.  I absolutely do not know.  But, I really need to pray that God will change my heart on this.  He has on other things.  I know this would be HIS desire – so surely He would if I petition him. <with wrinkled, hopeful brow) Oh, how I yearn to be more of a Mary – to sit at the feet of my Lord and worship or sit at the side of friends and simply enjoy their presence. Augusta Canal - kayaking

All we did this morning was paddle.  We sat in our boats and made our way, one stroke at a time, up the canal and back.  We were passed by the Petersburg boats taking boatloads of children out on field trips.  We saw bicyclists out pedaling …. possibly in training for the weekend’s Ironman 70.3?  And we spied birds.Augusta Canal

We saw a beautiful White Egret bobbing his head with the rhythm of each step, making his way through the grasses, picking up creeping, flying and hopping insects with each stirring movement.  We were amazed that he let us row right up to the water’s edge to photograph him.  He watched us, but never truly flinched.  I guess we didn’t seem menacing enough to cause him concern.  Or maybe he was just exceptionally hungry and hated to leave what appeared to be a bug buffet along the water.  

We also saw a few sweet Cliff Swallows that were patiently waiting for us to pass them by so that they could travel back into their homes.  I’d love to come back during the spring when these birds would be actively building nests or feeding broods of hungry young. I’m assuming that the few stragglers that are still here will be leaving for warmer territory soon. 

Our morning was relaxing and exciting.  We paddled and talked and relaxed.  We searched for avian friends and snapped photos. It was a wonderful morning.

And a reminder that I need to search out fellowship more often … or allow myself to be found.  It blesses me.  It’s important.  Hopefully, it blesses others.  Why is it so hard to make the time?

Are you a Mary or a Martha?  Is spending time with people hard for you?  Must you make yourself stop what you’re doing to be social?  Do you think it’s more about the way we’re wired?  Or is it a habit that we’ve simply formed?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Sun and Swallows

  1. Yes, I am more of a Martha too! For me, I find that it is hard being a Mary, because you have nothing to show for the time spent. I guess because I am so BUSY, I like to be able to see something tangible from an investment of time. I like having something to check off my list, and because so much of my life is spent doing things that must be redone in a few minutes, hours or days, I really enjoy doing something that is a little more lasting, like creating a blog, sewing a dress (which I haven’t done in years) or even painting a room. Something where you can see a difference. Am I making sense or just rambling in your comment section????


    1. I have enjoyed puzzles through the years for this reason. Though I haven’t done one in a while, it’s always nice to finish one. Of course, that means buying it new in a box because if it’s been done before, it’s surely going to have a piece missing. lol


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