Makes Me Happy Monday : My Reading Corner

<whispers> This is my favorite time of the day. It is long before dawn.  The skies are black, the streets quiet and my room is filled with gentle melodies intertwined with Dan Gibson’s captured sound of crickets, loons and rippling water. 

I wish you were here to sit beside me.  We could chat about our day, what God is doing in your life or our favorite kind of cookie.

I have written here before about how I go to bed early and get up early .  I’ve done this for almost a decade.

Now that I don’t share my bedroom, I am free to be there any time of the day or night. It is now mine to enjoy when I wish. I am welcome here always. I am never interrupting someone when I enter in.  So, I have rearranged my room and begun a re-decorating project which is anchored in a reading corner.

Once I had this idea, I began to look for a chair that would match my room.  While visiting a local thrift shop about a month ago, I happened upon this beautiful chair of antiquity. It is covered in colors that are surprisingly compatible with my bedroom’s current color palette.  I was SO excited to find this chair and even more pleased to put it into place and find that it’s a perfect match. It’s comfortable.  It is in almost new condition and was such a sweet treat at only $50.00. 

So, now when I wake up, I am able to sit quietly in my room with my Bible,  laptop and books. I drink my warm cup of morning brew while I enjoy the sweet sounds of the Wood Thrush, violins and flutes.  I blog and consider my day ahead with my to do list and calendar.  Dulcie often joins me by sitting near my feet in a spot that I would venture to say she thinks was created just for her canine enjoyment.

Do you have a reading corner or nook in your home that you would consider your safe place, your hiding spot, a consoling center of comfort?  Is there a place you prefer to study, blog, write or read?  I’ve always wanted one, but never had that special spot.  Now I do.  And I’m thankful.

My cozy reading corner brings me comfort and joy. It makes me happy.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


8 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : My Reading Corner

  1. Tomorrow morning our three grandkids will be flying in for a week’s stay. They are 6, 8, & 10 years old and we have a blast exploring lots of amazing things in this major city of ours. This is their first visit since we bought our RV in August so they are very excited about camping for a couple of those days. What makes me happy is that, for the next week, all my moments will be filled with their precious presence.


    1. Bev, that sounds absolutely wonderful. Ya know, I love my kids deeply and fully. I’ve read recently about the love between a grandparent and a grandchild. Some grandma’s say that their love for their grands has surprised them. They have been taken a back that they could love a child as much as their own. I’m not there yet, but look forward to those days. I hope your whole group has a fabulous tine together. I’ll be praying for God’s presence right there in the midst of you to knit your hearts together. Blessings.


  2. What makes me happy this Monday *evening* is to read that you are redoing your room, so that it is TRULY your room–expressing your colorful personality. That chair is SO YOU! And it’s simply wonderful that now you have a ‘happy place’ that’s all yours to be comfortable in, to enjoy time in. God is so good, & in this post I see such a bright example of the fact that “His mercies are new every morning”!! Thank You, Father. :>)


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