Makes Me Happy Monday : My Mama

We traveled home this weekend, Joy and Glory and I.
Home to the place of my parents.
I wasn’t raised in this little nook of people,
Recovery, Georgia,
but it is where my Mom and Dad now live,
thus it is home.

Isn’t it funny how we call “home” where our parents live,
no matter how unfamiliar we are with the surroundings?

My Mama just celebrated her seventieth birthday in September,
only two days before mine.
She and Daddy will laud their fiftieth wedding anniversary in December.
The years roll by. My sweet Mama, Lee

I have so much to be thankful for in my mama.
When other mama’s worked, mine stayed home.
My brother and I came first in my mama’s eyes.
When other mama’s bought Charmin, the softer toilet paper,
my mama bought Scott, because it was a better value.
My mama was wise with our money.
Other kids had soft, white bread on their tables.
My mama bought Roman Meal.
I didn’t like it, but she knew best.
My mama was health conscious when others didn’t know the importance of whole wheat.

I’ve always asked lots of questions.
I remember when I was younger, when I would ask a question,
my mama would answer, “Look it up.”
To this day, I am an investigator
and I know that I have her to thank.

I remember that things were tight when I was young,
but education was important to my parents.
My mama taught me the importance of books
by buying an encyclopedia set
at the grocery store
one volume at a time
the way that you can today buy dishes. Me and my sweet Mama, Karen and Lee

My daddy traveled a great deal when I was young
so my mama was at home holding down the fort alone.
I know it was difficult on her.
I remember that she struggled.
But she did her best.
And she did well.

I used to get frustrated with mama because
she was fully capable of running our household in daddy’s absence,
but when he came home, she wouldn’t make a decision without first
consulting him.
I didn’t understand this
until I married and realized that she was simply honoring him
by asking his opinion.
And, she was relying on him as relief
because she was weary from being the sole decision maker.

Today, my parents enjoy great fellowship within a community of friends
where they live, go to church and serve.
I’m thankful that their days are filled with happiness and togetherness.
It makes me happy to see them so content.
It is a well-deserved “retirement.”

My mama taught me many things of importance.
She taught me perseverance, frugality,
and the importance of searching for answers.
She taught me dedication, how to honor my husband and
to put health above trends or preference of the palate.

My mama taught me a lot.
I am greatly blessed.

My mama makes me happy.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morn?

Continuing with my 1,000 Gifts list:

21. a gentle mama, who led by example
22. a daughter old enough to drive, so this mama can sleep while we travel
23. a foggy sunrise over still waters at my parents home
24. teaching by leading
25. the sound of a croaking bullfrog
26. a ten year old who is now independent enough to know she needs a bath without being asked to take one
27. canoes
28. amber, ivory, cream, beige, and caramel

sunrise in my parent's front yard - Lake Seminole, Georgia


9 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : My Mama

  1. Strikingly beautiful evocative prose, Karen–inspiring my own heart to be ever more grateful for all that the Greatest Giver has blessed me with. One of those orecious gifts is *you*. 🙂 Thank you, sweetie! XOXOXOXO


  2. What makes me happy this Monday morn?

    1. the electicity that i have so i may heat my home.
    2. my soft, cozy bed that i got to sleep in last night.
    3. chocolate toffee coffee.
    4. spending some time talking w/ my kids this morning before they head out into the world.
    5. my washing machine!
    6. a husband that is willing to get up and go to work no matter how tired he may be.
    7. God’s healing for my mom’s ear, so she is not in pain anymore.
    8. my little sister.


  3. What a beautiful and moving tribute to your mother! I was so blessed by this, and I’m sure your Momma was too!!! As always, a superb post with awesome photos. Visiting your blog is always a treasure.


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