Cheezit Fun!

After leaving school yesterday afternoon, I ducked into Walmart to pick up a few grocery items.  There in the center aisle, for all unsuspecting Scrabble lovers and typography nuts to trip over, was a pallet display of Scrabble Junior Cheezits!  Oh My!!  I just had to buy a box!Naturally, my first inclination was to begin to pick out letters and spell something!  In any other situation, this might equate to playing with ones food, but somehow, it seemed only right and reasonable with this box of edible letters!

As I dug my hand down into the box for the sixth time, looking for an “f” to spell “fun,” I realized that I had fallen into the Cheezit marketing scheme’s trap!  With half the box of crackers spread across the table, my mind raced with fun things to spell as I tossed the less than perfect crackers into my mouth and continued to dig in the food poured across my clean tablecloth. And I thought, “Oh! I’ve gotta buy another box of these!”  James walked out of his bedroom to find me knuckle deep in orange squares and was excited, as well.  We spelled, snacked and snapped shots throughout dinner.

Glory was at work.  I’m sure she enjoyed some when she arrived home. Sweet Joy was away, so she missed our meal of tomato soup fellowship and Cheezits phrases.  She missed out on the spelling fun and playing with our food.  Guess I’ll be buying another box before long!

Let’s see… what is the tag line on the back of their box?

“Get your own box.”
Yes, please.


2 thoughts on “Cheezit Fun!

  1. I LOVE the photo of Live, Laugh, Love in your tomato soup! I have that motto all over my house! 🙂

    I am a big Scrabble fan, and I”m going to have to look for a box of these SOON!!!!

    I love this post! It is Pure FUN!




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