It’s not enough

This was Joy last Monday morning. It’s not enough for her to get up and and simply state that she’s tired, having not gone to bed early enough the night before. It’s not even enough to throw herself on the couch, or even the floor.  No.  To get my attention ….. for emphasis … for theatrical effect, she climbs onto the dining table – a make/shift stage – to moan about having to get out of bed. My Joy-bug on the dining table Maybe other homeschoolers experience this in the morning, but while we homeschooled, we never had mornings so glum.  Joy was up by 8:00 and greeted the day with a smile.

Don’t get me wrong, when my big kids became teens, late night habits and the need for extra sleep made early rising with a smile less frequent.  But, Joy is only ten.

Upon leaving the table, to further the drama,
she decided sitting in the snugly cat bed (the closest thing to climbing back into her OWN bed) would be better than having to simply sit in a chair or on the couch.

Through it all, her sense of humor remains.  One day last week when the clock was nearing eight, Glory found Joy on the computer playing a game which is a “no-no” before school.  James was in bed as his classes don’t begin until mid-morning on that day and I had an altered schedule that allowed me the morning home as well.  Thus, Glory was the only one getting ready.  She loudly asked,
“Am I the ONLY one going to school today????”
In her matter-of-fact, dry tone,
Joy quipped back with Eeyore’s voice spilling from pretty little lips,
“I hope so.”
She’s so much like her brother
and so NOT like her sister.
But, they all keep me entertained.

And so, another week begins…..

with spelling words and times tables, homework and signed papers,
science, social studies and orchestra.
We look for the beauty.
Thespian mornings of “woe is me” are not helpful. I encourage Joy to use her drama for good. Dream big dreams in orchestra. Think big ideas in science. Write intricate, moving stories in english. Dramatic giving, theatrical loving and deep, rich befriending are good.  They are all work…sacrifice, even … but they are good.
Because, for some, just average days
are not enough.


One thought on “It’s not enough

  1. May I point out to you that your prior post is entitled “God’s protection makes me happy”. The title of this one? “It’s not enough”. Interesting.


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