Silent Ranks

“I wear no uniforms, no blues or army greens
But I am in the Army in the ranks rarely seen
I have no rank upon my shoulders – salutes I do not give
But the military world is the place where I live”

I married a man who served in the military as a National Guard reservist,
National Guard active duty soldier,
an active duty Army soldier and as an active duty Marine.
My entire adult life has been associated with the military.
Recently, I was given this beautiful framed gift.

“I’m not in the chain of command, orders I do not get
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget
I’m not the one who fires the weapon, who puts my life on the line
But my job is just as tough. I’m the one that’s left behind”

I can remember
very few gifts that have brought tears to my eyes,
but this gift did. Silent RanksIt is a poem by an unknown author that I had read many times before,
but I never dreamt that there would be anyone who would personally
speak the words to me,
thanking me for my dedication
and the life that I chose
to stand beside a man
who stands in front of our country
to protect and defend it.

“My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man
And the call to serve his country, not all can understand
Behind the lines I see the things needed to keep this country free”

And so, I always think of the wives of those who serve when a military holiday, like Veteran’s Day, rolls around. For every married Soldier, every Marine with a spouse, every person who serves our country militarily who is wed, the thanks should be multiplied. And those with families, the thanks is handled exponentially.

“My husband makes the sacrifice, but so do our kids and me
I love the man I married, Soldiering is his life
But I stand among the silent ranks known as the Army Wife.”

So, I write today to say,
Thank you, Kimberly, for sweetly, kindly, graciously telling me thank you.
Your gift was much larger than you realize.

And I ask you, on this Veterans Day, to thank more than a soldier.
Thank a soldier,
and his wife
for serving our country.
Your words will be greatly appreciated.
Much more than you can imagine.


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