Energized by my Camera

Lately, I’ve noticed something unusual.  When I used to struggle with life (years past … in the winter, especially), I would want to sleep to escape.  I would sleep all night and still want to take a nap in the afternoon.  I know that part of that is simply a seasonal thing for me, but I also knew I was running away from struggles at home.My Smudge-man ... on the deck rail

I’ve noticed recently that my place of escape has changed.
Rather than wanting to “run away and hide,”
lately I want to grab my camera and go outside.
I want to get away and search for God’s physical beauty,
to capture it and save it to share.
Just the thought of it gives me energy and fills me with contentment.

There is something so invigorating to me about taking photographs.
I am able to take the ordinary … the overlooked … the common …
bring it in close and freeze-frame the beauty.  It’s a very satisfying thing.

On one of our recent photo shoots, my friend Ellen commented that
she feels most content and fully whole when she has a camera in her hand.
That hit the nail on the head for me, as well.
It’s when I am snapping photos that I am full.

It made me think about the physical/spiritual parallel again.
Maybe this is because, when I have camera in hand,
I am actively searching for beauty.

Which convicts my soul:
Am I so invigorated when I search for spiritual truth and beauty?  <ouch>

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

I would have to at least answer “Yes, I am invigorated” …
but I do not often enough sit down to search.

So, thinking as I type here, if I kept my Bible
as close as I keep my camera,
(one in my purse or pocket
and the back up in my school book bag)
would I reach for it more often?
Open it’s pages?
Search for beauty within?

Surely, it is so.
Oh, that I would search for His spiritual beauty
as often as I search for His physical wonder.

Mini pumpkins of ivory ... lining my dining table

God has given each of us some special gift to encourage, direct and invigorate us …
a gift that is just ours and is woven into our own DNA.
What excites you?  What is something you love that energizes you like no other activity?
What fills you with contentment and causes the hours to fly by?
Is there some way for you to do more of that special thing? My mantle ... sprinkled with fall beauty


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