May your weekend be colorful

So, I’m on my way out-of-town.  My wonderful big kids are watching over my  sweet, little Boo for the weekend.  I’m going to Atlanta to spend some time with old college friends. I’m really looking forward to it.  I want to remember, in all the excitement, to keep my eyes open for God. Beauty - reflected

I hope that your weekend is fabulous.  May your days be restful and rejuvenating.  May He speak to you in whispers and song.  I pray that you hear the voice of the rocks as they cry out in praise. And that you and your family join in on the song.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,



2 thoughts on “May your weekend be colorful

  1. Karen, I hope you have a great weekend with your friends. For those that may not know me, I am George, Karen’s soon to be…former husband. I am new to this blog and Karen is right, I have never read it before. However, I have a very close friend that is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Care Nurse who called me and asked if I had read this blog and when I told her I hadn’t, she told me that I needed to. She was right. I am very shocked at what I have read. It is no wonder that my two older children have such feelings. I look like such a bad…bitter…grumpy person upon reading through these posts. What has been written about me couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a very kind…fun…funny…loving person who is never a pessimist and my glass is never half full or half empty….it is always over flowing. My wife has often accused me of being too optimistic about life, but there is no such thing…not in my book.She is right, I did have a somewhat crappy EARLY childhood, but I don’t look back on it and dwell on the bad things that happened. It is both the peaks and the valleys that shape our lives and I am happy with the person that I have turned out to be.

    Please….remember this…what you all have always heard is true, there are always two sides to each story, however, I will never take a public forum to air my feelings for anyone in such a negative manner. If you care to find out the real person that I am or have questions about anything that Karen has blogged about me, you can reach me at

    You don’t know how much I want to go back to each blog posting and post rebuttals to the negative and ugly things that were written about me, but I just won’t do that. I will not subject my children to that. I have never said one negative thing to my children about their mother and even after leaving the marriage, I have continued to say great things and lift Karen up in the eyes of my youngest daughter that I get to see often. I will not bash her here.

    Know this about me…NOBODY could love their children as much as I love mine. I have always been there for them and will continue to always be here for them.


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