Makes Me Happy Monday : Hydrangea

Can you feel it coming?
Can you sense it?
I wonder if my friends to the north notice ….
those that lie still
under a gentle blanket of white.

One day last week I caught a glimpse of hardwood limb
whose barren arms
seemed to have tiny swollen pricks lining them.
I thought
“Surely ….
….. not yet.”

Last week was our most cold of the season.  I believe we spent about a week below freezing – day and night.  That’s quite a statement for a Georgia girl. Our nights were filled with teens.  In fact, the hydrangea in my front yard JUST froze and turned brown last week. Just before the cold weather blustered in, I mulched her sweet, tender body with leaves ….. for good measure. I don’t know if they were helpful to her …. this thin little blanket … but I thought it would be something good to do for her.

I walked out this morning,
thinking it safe to refill the bird feeder with water.
I don’t expect we will dip below freezing again right away.
As I made my way to the water hose,
I saw it.

Green growth.

I tell you,
my heart leapt for joy.
I can feel the lengthening of the days.
Even in the cold,
I can sense the energy returning.
But here ….

was proof.

You know, we’re not really that far from the winter solstice.  This year’s pivotal point was December 21.  Combining the ten days in December and the twenty-four that have passed in January, we are only thirty-four days into the cycle of the lengthening of days.  Yesterday was only (to the best of my ability to research and calculate) twenty nine minutes longer than the day of the solstice.  With each passing day, the time ticks and the minutes build.  Those minutes of light …. of energy ….. of rays of light …. beams of strength ….. are enough to bring back to life that which is sleeping.

This sweet hydrangea in my front yard is a gift from my Mama and Daddy.  It’s a sprout from a bush that was started by a hydrangea that bloomed and slept right outside my grandmother’s back stoop in Statesboro, Georgia.  When I was a young girl, I never cared much for that bush.  But, as I grew older, the sight of a hydrangea with it’s huge round blossoms of rich purple, indigo and greens made me warm inside.  They brought  remembrance of my sweet grandmother, Odessa, and all that she taught me and meant to me. Here, you can see the hydrangea at my parents home in it’s fall palette …. readying for the rest of winter.  This photo was taken at the deep end of summer last year when I went down for a visit.  Look at those gorgeous emerald leaves the size of your HAND …. foliage that waves in the wind of south Georgia  in deep summer when afternoon thunderstorms are the typical close of the day.  Those leaves, though,  soon wilted and browned.  Winter settled in and  that plant of antiquity  stood as a skeleton, resting through the winter as mine has.

Even now, as my plant begins it’s re-birth,
I am sure that theirs is doing the same.

And the cycle continues.
And I am encouraged.

I thank God for order.
I thank Him that I can count on gravity to work for me tomorrow
as it has today.
I thank Him that the earth continues to spin
and we are greeted each morning and each night by the same skies.
I thank Him for water that continues to cycle
from cloud, to the ground and back.
And I thank Him that
spring follows winter
without fail
each year.

Hydrangeas remind me of the beauty of my past
in my Mother, my Father and my sweet Grandmother, Odessa.
And hydrangeas remind me of my future …..
a fresh new tomorrow
full of growth,
and renewed strength and energy
for spring is on it’s way.

Yes, hydrangeas make me happy this Monday morning.
What brings a smile to your face?


5 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Hydrangea

  1. YOU make me happy this Monday morning! It’s always an honor and a pleasure to read your brilliant words, to view a scene through your brilliant lense. Thanks for posting!


    1. Oh, Bev … so glad you stopped by. You know I keep putting off writing you …. ONLY because there is so much to say and I haven’t made myself be still to respond. Thinking of you. Will “talk” soon. Blessings.


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