Makes Me Happy Monday : Little Things

I’ve been looking for a spring/summer time coffee mug.
It has to be big enough …. no little mug or cup would do.
It has to be happy enough …. flowers or retro designs in spring colors would work.
It needs to be the right quality of ceramic so it won’t chip on my heavy iron sink.

I’ve looked and looked.  I found one the other day and I rejoiced. It sat amongst other pretties at the Family Bookstore that is nearby our home.  I fondled each mug, reading it’s message, inspecting graphics and colors.

THIS is the mug that made me smile. It is a reminder of that which I know.
If we purpose to enjoy the little things,
we will find that we have truly enjoyed all things.

I am thankful for the simple, ordinary, plain.
I am thankful for the everyday, daily and repetitive.
I am thankful for a morning time of quiet in the darkness before the rising of a bustling house of children.
I am thankful for a smooth cup of flavored coffee
and birds singing in the canopy of the trees behind my house.

And I am thankful for a summer present with words to remind me that which I know:

I am thankful for

121. lightning bugs that are plentiful this summer
122. a neighborhood pool that respects family values
and does not allow foul language or alcoholic beverages
123. clean, crisp sheets
124. a bookshelf of books
125. a two week summer break between quarters at college
126. coins in my wallet that make my purse heavy
127. a creative young daughter who overflows with flair
128. toe nails that scream pink sheen
129.  mechanical pencils with .7 mm lead
130. patience
131. an amazing ability to forgive that can only be a gift from God
132. an amazing ability to get lost traveling three blocks that also is a gifting from God ….
it keeps me humble and relying on others to get me from point A to point B.
I’ll always need help … and that’s a good thing.
134. dusty, golden pollen clinging to honeybees and bumblebees
… keeping our fruits and vegetables faithfully reproducing.
135. deep, antique friendships that can lull for months,
but easily pick up where they left off.
136. a diagnosis of “clean” from an oncologist after my father’s
second round of treatment for bladder cancer.
137. dandelions of yellow and orbs of white that scatter in the early summer breeze
leaving stems of green standing naked.
138. fingernails and toenails that protect our fingers and toes from damage and injury.
139. kitties that lounge on wide deck slats in the sultry, summer heat
140. wrought iron
141. cotton
145. silver
146. water
147. dirt
148. wood
149. sunflower seeds
150. blood

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