Makes Me Happy Monday : Father’s Day

The most moving sermon I have heard in many months, it was.

Pastor McKinley’s words, “It is interesting that God chose to reveal himself to us as a father.
…. If Satan can so twist, deceive and destroy the roles of men and Fathers in society,
he can distort the reality of how people see and view God.  I would venture to say, there are few things that the enemy focuses upon and attacks more …..because to destroy fathers is to destroy families and to destroy the image of God intended to be communicated through relationships.”I sat and listened to the description of Father’s roles that are and are not the design of God. Dr. McKinley gave his description of dysfunctional fathers today.  They include:

Paratrooper: dropping in to drop off supplies and to turn around quickly to leave, living as though his mission is outside the home rather than inside the home
Designated hitter:
called in on occasion when mom can’t handle things, he steps in to save the day and is used when he is needed
Clown of the Family Circus: always playing around. feels his role is to be the clown and takes it to  extreme, never taking his role as a father seriously
Kong on the Couch:
sitting on the couch … and trying to handle everything from that position, often  with the remote in hand

Ahhh…. but the Godly father is called :  The Husband
This is an agricultural term used to describe the one who  tends and cultivates to bring health and fruition,
strength and vibrancy to his flock and crops.

One of my absolute favorite quotes about marriage and fatherhood is this:
The single most important thing that
any man can do for his children is love their mother.

I listened to Dr. McKinley lay out what a Godly father looked like,
and I recognized my own father in his words.

My father lived with us.  He led us. He was in the midst of our day to day activity. He traveled a good bit when I was very young, but when he had the chance, he actually took a de-motion to a smaller job so that we could move from a big city to a much smaller city … where he would be free to spend more time with family. My father honored my mother and cared for and protected her.  He was understanding towards her. He was truly a “husband:” tending, strengthening, cultivating, preparing and, yes, harvesting his fruit.  I believe that his prayers were not hindered.

And my father did the most important thing: he loved my mother.
openly. freely. deeply. richly. sacrificially. thoroughly. forgivingly. satisfyingly.

Years ago, adoption was looked down upon.  When I would tell people that I was adopted, they were ruffle their brows and say, “I’m so sorry.”   When I was really young, I didn’t understand this or know how to respond.  But, as I grew older, I came up with a response that truly expressed how blessed I felt.  I would say, “Oh, don’t feel sorry for me.  I know plenty of people who know that their conception was a unplanned and some that know that their parents did not or do not want them.  My parents wanted me.  They W.A.I.T.E.D  for me.  They prayed for me.  Out of all the families I could have been put into, I was chosen, desired and cherished by the family that received me.  So, don’t feel sorry for me. It was a gift to be adopted.”  Yes, I am blessed.

And because of my father’s actions,
I completely understand many aspects of the love of my Heavenly Father.
I get it.
Thank you, Daddy.This is truly one more example of a spiritual principle being played out in the physical world … to teach,  guide and direct us.  God is so good to make things evident for us, in a way that we can grasp and understand. But, we must look and listen.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts, teaches and shows me His love through daily activities or His creation. I love to share those stories.

So, on this marvelous Monday after Father’s Day, I thought I would add to my list of One Thousand Gifts and share some of the things that I cherish about and  because of  my earthly father.

151. wrangler denim jeans
152. fireman gear to protect my daddy physically
153. precision
154. organization
155. afternoon “rests” in a La-Z-Boy
156. Thomasville, Georgia
157. little silver Subaru station wagons
158. camping
159. my love for collecting shells
159. Cape San Blas, Florida memories
160. the friendship of Russ Rodgers’ family – all  36 years worth
161. guitars
162. a manicured yard
163. a strong work ethic
164. honesty
165. hydrangeas
166. John Deere green
167. vacation
168. fishing
169. Jack Wingate’s Lunker Lodge
170. the importance of going home
171. my daddy’s mother, Odessa Cason whom we called Mamaw
172. and being stubborn, in all of it’s glorious, good ways
173. being able to spell well (because my daddy really doesn’t
… and that’s okay.  we can’t all do everything well)
174. the importance of owning a pick up truck
175. a strong southern drawl in a few little words … like sang (sing)  and swang (swing)
176. the memory of him walking briskly through a Sears on a Saturday afternoon
when I might have been all of six? or seven?
and my little legs trying ever-so-hard to keep up
177. patience when I was rebellious
178. forgiveness
179. still flirting with my Mom
180. his love of and service to his community, Recovery, Georgia


3 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Father’s Day

  1. I loved this. I too did a “Fathers’ Day Edition” so I had to see yours. I was so blessed by it and plan to listen to the WHOLE sermon sometime today. I hadn’t even thought to be grateful for that, but I have always loved and believed that quote to be true-and my father lived it out. Thank you for adding another to MY list of gratitude as well!


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