Makes Me Happy Monday : Wedded Bliss

In a split second
two engagements came to an end
and I watched.
I sat in breezy, windy afternoon warmth
and just a few months later, in the cool indoors of an early Saturday morn …..
on two different days
at two different times
watching beautiful friendships between boy and girl
become unions of man and woman.
Mister And Miss
to become Mr. and Mrs.

These stories of union so different from mine.
And I pray that their endings different, as well.

These girls made the choice that God make their decisions.
I made no such wise choice.
My reasons for marrying were selfish.
God had to teach me through the years
to lay down my desires
and serve Him and my husband.

You could beauty their faces,
their countenance
their eyes.

I look at her, swoon and think
“Yes. She may just be Lois Lane.”
I wrote about her here and here.
She is Sarah… the Nightingale. She calls him Richard… the Lion Hearted.
They are eclectic, intricate and amazing.

Zoe is a friend of hers. We became friends through Facebook, as I watched the exchanges between Sarah and herself.  Their friendship is deep like a river and delicious like homemade whipped cream on freshly picked  strawberries. They share a love of beautiful prose, authenticity, pomegranates and God.

Zoe has been a missionary in Honduras. She has a tapestry story of how God wove together her heart with Ron’s over the last year.  Now, together, they turn the page to a new chapter in the novel of life, as the two dramas become one.  The engagement ended and the union began barefoot, on chilly stone flooring while June’s sweltering heat waited outdoors.

My story began with selfishness (here).
God used my selfishness to teach me much.
about sacrifice. giving of yourself. the lying aside of my own desires.
But, along the way, spirits were hurt.
It is unfortunate … the pain that is wreaked by a self-seeking soul.

Amidst all the pain… though ….  I see glimmers of good…
slivers of hope ….
shimmers of richness and beauty.
God can use our messes to create splendor.

My children have asked me if I remarry.
It is easy for me to say “no” ….
at least for now.

I had a wonderful example of self-control demonstrated to me.
At a distance, I watched a beautiful story of love develop.

I know a beautiful woman worked for a man whose wife came down with cancer. Lily was dear friends with the boss and his wife.  Cancer eventually took the friend’s life and left Bill and his son.  Bill and Lily became close, but were so concerned with putting the son first that they waited until he graduated from school before they married. They waited quite some time before making this move. It seemed like many eons before they finally took that step… and I remember thinking how self-less was this sacrifice. They put the raising of this young son before their own desires.

I have a job to do. I have a ten year old to raise. In the upheaval of our lives, I want to be the cement …. the security …. the  steadfast. I want her to know that I will do what I say. I want her to know that I will be here when she needs. I really want to focus on her.  I do not want to be distracted by romance.

But, I do wonder
will there one day be a Clark? Will there be a man who comes along
and loves God and then me?
Will there be a man who loves God will all his heart, mind and strength
and loves me as Christ loves the church?
Will there be a Song of Solomon endearment?
Only God knows
and time will tell.

For now, I am giddy watching other stories…
seeing other examples of
self-disciplined, ecstatic God-seeking couples.
And so I add to my list of One Thousand Gifts
on this Makes Me Happy Monday:

181. purity of heart
182. nests
183. wedding punch
184. the Song of Solomon
185. holding hands
186. holding hearts
187. holding tongues
188. spiritual security
189. focus
190. the living Word of God to guide our lives
191. self-sacrifice
192. the first dance of a newly married couple
193. barefoot brides and grooms
194. breezes on sultry afternoons
195. tears of contentment
196. the sight, sound and feel of turning the pages of a fascinating novel
197. a pastor who gives depth to the union of two souls
198. precious bands of gold or silver given –
……. circular tangible symbols of spiritual grit and commitment … semper fidelis
199. tulle
200. that precious first union … the first kiss as man and wife


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