Dental Assurance

This morning, I wait just a bit longer than usual to take my first sip of rich morning goodness. It’s early.  Birds are serenading outside the door.  The house is quiet. And I am thankful.

Honestly, I thought I’d be much more swollen and sore. I expect I’ll take another day off from talking. It was very nice to limit my conversation to what could be typed on my mac. I choose my words more carefully than if they still just rolled off my tongue.  And I’ll probably stick with liquids today, just to be safe. That certainly won’t hurt my waistline.  And I don’t think I’ll need another percodan.  I only took one half of a dose yesterday just before I took a nap.

One day last week, I made some phone calls to try to straighten out some dental paperwork issues. I made a phone call to a secondary dental insurance provider about an issue …. and found that I lose my dental insurance  ….  tomorrow.

I’ve never been uninsured. I shifted from my parents health and dental insurance policies to my husband’s when I married. We’ve always had some kind of coverage. I’ve never wondered what would happen if I was in a wreck and injured … if I came down with cancer … if I had a tooth knocked out by a baseball …  if I fell a twisted an ankle.  I’ve always known that I was “safe” … “protected”  …. “insured.”

Tomorrow is the last day that I will know that assurance.

When the insurance representative realized this, they suggested that I have anything major completed before the insurance ended.

And there has been a procedure that I’ve been putting off for years.

So, yesterday morn, I spent the morning looking at this

and looking like this.

To try to keep from being overwhelming, I’ll just tell you that my gum line was affected by braces when I was young.  Those wide, round, silver bands pushed back my gums – on one tooth in particular.  Through the years, the gum had moved far enough down that my tooth became sensitive.  If it had moved any farther, food could have gone up UNDER my tooth, which of course, could cause some serious decay. So, the dentist took a slice of skin from the roof/rear of my mouth, made a flap at my exposed tooth and transferred  that flesh to a new spot. (I know. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Feel free to fan yourself, if it would help.  It always helps me.)

I guess the part that surprised me was the force and length of time that it took to clean the tooth before he attached the new flesh under the flap at the exposed area.  It felt more like he was rearranging furniture in my mouth than cleaning teeth and moving a small piece of tissue.

But, the job is complete.  The healing has begun. And I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for a representative that was attentive to my call.  I’m thankful that I had a break from school so I could take some time to do some “much needed” paperwork. And I’m thankful that I had a few days to get the job completed and recuperate before school begins again.  I’m thankful that the dentist’s office was able to rearrange some appointments and work me in on very short notice.  I’m thankful that I had the chunk of money that was required for the co-pay. I’m thankful for a man who would drive me, wait for me, care for me and buy me groceries. My son is such a blessing.  And I’m thankful for a little one that insisted on going up to the pool to buy me a treat from the concession stand. She truly is a Joy.

This is a new thing – a new step of faith – a new experience in trust. I may have no insurance … but I certainly have assurance.  He will be with me. He will care for me.  He will watch over me. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.  Because that’s what HE wants anyway. Thank you, Lord.

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