Snails, Slugs and Sin

Gorgeous slugI’ve always wondered why gardeners disliked snails so much.  I’ve seen them around, but never really had an opinion of them.  Slugs are kinda yucky … when you step on them. They aren’t particularly beautiful creatures, but I’ve never really liked or disliked them. 

Until recently.  This summer, our yard has become overrun with them.  It’s quite surprising. I see their damage on all sorts of plants.

I see evidence of their presence, even where they haven’t (yet) wreaked havoc.

As I survey the devastation and mess made by these little guys,
I have often thought about sin.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.Like the snails, sin often moves in slowly. It commonly shows up uninvited and enters in quietly.
It destroys. It leaves a mess behind that is difficult to clean up. It prefers darkness.
Sometimes you don’t see it at all, you only see the devastation left in it’s wake.

I picked up this endearing little ornament at the start of the summer….
sat him on our front porch stoop
and have enjoyed his sweet presence all summer long.

Maybe HE’S the one
who invited all the live variety to our yard?

How often, I wonder, do I embrace sin
in some form or another
as endearing or sweet
when in fact
I am simply inviting destruction
into my own home ….
… my own life
not even to realize the mess I’ve made
until I am left to clean up the devastation in its wake?

3 thoughts on “Snails, Slugs and Sin

  1. very insightful – who knew snails bear so much symbolism? keep up the thought process, it works well with you!


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