Makes Me Happy Monday : Sunshine

I love the sun.  I cast my eyes heavenward often during the day.  In the sultry of summer, I look up for the clouds that throw light in beams from behind hidden, cotton candy thickness.  In the winter, I search for the source of light in the sky and turn my face towards it, soaking up the energy and warmth… warming my skin and my soul simultaneously.

It’s hard to believe that we’re seeing less and less of the sun …this summer, I mean.  I still V.I.V.I.D.L.Y remember when we passed the winter solstice this past December.  It doesn’t seem like it was so terribly long ago.  It simply doesn’t seem like a half a year has passed since that twenty-four hour period
t.i.c.k.e.d away.

My oldest – my son – agrees.  James and I were talking the other day about how this past year has flown by….
quicker than normal…..
with greater speed than we remember in any other year.

I had the perspective of time explained to me once in a way that helped me grasp
why a year feels shorter
to a forty year old
than it does to a
four year old.

A year is         one fourth a lifetime to a four year old.
A year is
but a sliver of time,
to a forty year old.

One fourth of a cake is a pretty large chunk.
If handed 1/40th of a pie,
you wouldn’t even call it a “piece.”
It might be warranted as a “taste” …
but not a “piece.”

And so, time truly does feel like it passes more quickly
as the years go by,
because fractionally,
with each passing year
it is a smaller and smaller section
of your life.

And so, as my life continues to grow longer
and the perspective of length of time between one event
and another
shorter and shorter,
I must be even more intentional to enjoy the moments.

So, today, I add to my list of One Thousand Gifts
things, ideas, places, people, events
that make me happy
on this magnificent Monday morn.

201. primer: that covers the mars and  smudges so that paint can go on fresh and beautiful
202. sprinklers: that throw pure, clean droplets of clear wet goodness into the air and onto the ground creating rainbows as they dance their way to the earth
203. green: the color of growth, asparagus, summer stalks of corn in the field
and the couch that my oldest daughter will soon move from our home
into her first apartment
204. silver spoons
205. golden afternoon beams of light
206. 100% cotton chenille bedspreads
207.  backstroke
208. red and green caladiums
209. summer sun filtering through water
as seen from the depths of our neighborhood pool

210. the focus to clean out my life
…. to unclutter the mess that is stifling my freedom
of thought, emotion and direction.
211.  snails, to remind me of sin
212. truthfulness
213. a young one who easily said, “I’m sorry about that”
when those words usually come out H.A.R.S.H.L.Y with impatience and indignation and irritation
214. a lawn mower that operates
215. ants
216. shea butter
217. missionaries, who lay down their own lives
to go to places I cannot go right now
and do things that I cannot imagine at all
218. creative hands
219. the love of my father
220. and the LOVE of The Father

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