Makes Me Happy Monday : Weekends

Funny how your perspective can change with time, isn’t it?

When I first started Makes Me Happy Mondays back in July of 2008, Mondays had a different flavor in my life than they do now.  (Here’s my first post …. and here’s the story behind starting Makes Me Happy Mondays) When I first started writing, I LOVED Mondays.  They felt light and fresh …. they felt new …. like a new beginning.

When I started the posts, I was a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  While I was perfectly content with life, it certainly could have been better.  There was stress at home and it was intensified on the weekends when we were all home together.

As the last year has passed, I’ve realized that my love for Mondays was spurred by getting back to the routine of the work week. It felt safe, predictable and more comfortable.

My, how times have changed.

Now, as a single mom who doesn’t have the joy of homeschooling any longer, our lives are busy during the week – away from home – with school, work, camp, errands …. life. When the weekends roll around, the children and I feel a freedom that we thoroughly enjoy.  We play.  We go to movies.  We work in the yard.  We have guests over. We grill out. We talk. We rest. We are together.

And then Mondays come.

Mondays have a T.O.T.A.L.L.Y different mood for me now.

As much as I enjoy my classes and love school, I love my weekends more.  I miss being a stay-at-home mom living with my family.  Monday takes me out of my home and throws me back into the busy-ness of the life.  And so, now, Makes Me Happy Mondays are sacrificial words of faith spoken to remind me that I have another week to live my life … the one I’ve been given … as a single mom.  Even though life does not look the way that I would prefer, I choose to look for the beauty and be thankful for all the blessings and joys that are ours.

This week ….. 
this wonderful Monday Morning
that begins another week in my life,
I am thankful for

221. old shovels
222. freshly sprigged grass
223. new paintbrushes
224. walls of paint chips that stimulate my imagination
225.  sprinklers
226. the taste of cool water from a garden hose
227.  earthworms
228. a son who climbs on the roof with me and holds the ladder steady
229.  fresh potting soil
230. garden gloves
231. a neighborly wave
232. wax begonias, whose blooms and leaves are a similar red hue
233.  a hose rack that is finally mounted to the wall in the front yard
234. bird feeders that nourish cardinals and squirrels alike
235. baltimore orioles in black, white and deep, dirty rust
236. mosquito bites to remind me I spent time outdoors
237. a clean screened porch
238.  a friendly mail lady who finds time to chat
239. green … grass, leaves, bugs, plants, and snakes
240. citronella candles
241. corn, fresh in the husk, and steaming hot grilled chicken
242. a man/child who makes me laugh until my belly hurts
243. ripples in pool water
244. blonde girl curls that bounce in the humidity of summer
245.  lifeguards
246. Five Guys hamburgers
247.  tall wooden stools
248. a strong back
249.  big brother hands that tickle firm, little sister bellies
250. a trusty, protective Dalmatian that comes to make sure that things are okay

8 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Weekends

  1. You are such a gifted writer. I wish I could spend time with you, as it is apparent you could spur me on to getting things done. Try as I might, with all good intentions, most weekends come and go with no real accomplishments. You are an amazing person!


    1. Katrina,
      I struggle with the same thing …. days and weeks that come and go. I’ve found making a list makes all the difference for me. Sometimes, I realize I’ve gotten a lot accomplished and if I HADN’T written it down, I wouldn’t even realize it. I even have a Summer Anti-Procrastination list going. I do ONE thing every day that I’ve been putting off. Then, I write it down. This has helped me immensely! I’ve gotten a LOT done this summer!!
      And thanks for the compliments. You’re very gracious 😀 {{{hugs}}}


  2. Katrina spoke my exact words. Every time a see a FB post or read a blog entry I think exactly what she expressed in her comment above. You are an amazing person… at least I have memories from New Bern – I’ll be happy with those til Heaven! 🙂


  3. You’re so sweet, Karen. Thanks!! I appreciate the sweet words. I feel the same way about you. You’ve always inspired me deeply. 🙂


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