I think in my bloging voice

Blogging has changed my life … in a very unexpected way.

Do you talk to yourself?  Yyyooooouuu knnnooowww, that ever present conversation that plays in your head as you go about living your life? I can say that I don’t really talk to myself anymore.   These days, I  blog to myself.

And it’s a different animal altogether.

Talking to yourself sounds more like conversation at times.  It rattles on.  Sometimes it can be negative, especially if left unchecked.  If you’re not paying attention to what you’re thinking, you may move to and  dwell upon the “yucky” stuff in life.

But, since I began blogging, I find that I now blog to myself.

Not specifically a blogging phenomenon for me,  I’m always asking God to point out the spiritual/physical parallels.  So, the spiritual/physical parallels are always coming to light as I write in my head.

But, even my basic mental “conversation,”  is more healthy since blogging.  I think a little s.l.o.w.e.r (which is a GOOD thing!!) with a more positive slant.  I focus on the good, even when the bad creeps in.

I even e.m.p.h.a.s.i.z.e
and           … space
and create prose.
It’s a really quite nice, actually.

And I find I blog to myself most often when I’m in the yard. God is so real to me in the natural, physical world … outdoors. He is easy to spot. In fact, I truly can’t NOT see Him.

And then there’s the fact that I am usually working in the yard alone …. it may be all day Saturday when my littlest is off at visitation and my big kids are resting and playing.  It may be an hour before school, as the sun gently slides over the neighbor’s roof and gleams through the telephone poles that line the streets.  Sometimes, it may be a quick twenty-minute stint before dinner.  No matter when, it’s most often a solitary endeavor…. which is conducive to wandering, uninterrupted thought.

So, May I Ask You a Question?
Have you taken up a hobby, craft or activity that has changed your life
in a way that has surprised you?


5 thoughts on “I think in my bloging voice

  1. you know what’s fascinating about this post? i love you hands. seriously. i have from the beginning. they are strong without being manly, they are giving, unselfishly; they love, comfort, play, hold papers in an intruiging way, reach out to hug, hold- i love them… and they have loved ME in action.
    think they look great natural. really- beautiful.


  2. My newest “hobby” has been taking (mostly psychology) courses at our local University. The tuition was free there because I was 60 when I started. I have a degree, but from years ago, so actually taking courses for credit is scary. The courses I have taken for credit always have something to teach me about myself, and have made me a stronger and more positive person. I learned from two courses that for me, journalling elevates my mood, and clarifies my thoughts. Much nicer to get the whines and worries out on paper than to land them onto someone else. Also, it’s fun to feel able to keep up with the college-aged students and contribute something in class. All in all, it’s a lot of work, but has paid off for me in surprising ways,


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