Makes Me Happy Monday : Firewood

The solstice passed.
The night comes earlier.
The days grow shorter.
We look forward to cool days and chilly nights.

I planned ahead this year. Rather than waiting until that first cold snap to call the woodman, I asked him to set me up on monthly installments.  On the first of each month, he backs his big trailer down my drive and delivers us a half a cord at a reduced-from-winter price. It’s good for him.  This gives him a place to bring some of his stash once a month.  It gives him a (albeit, tiny amount of) dependable monthly income. And he’s my neighbor, so it pleases me to support someone in the neighborhood.  I am proud to say that I have several cords of wood set aside for winter.

Like canning fruit or storing up summer warmth for winter’s chill, it feels good to be prepared. It’s nice to know that even with that first drop in temperature, we’ll be ready with wood that is seasoned and perfect for flames.

Surely, there is some kind of balance between
trusting in self for what one has stored up and
trusting in God for daily manna.
I want to be wise with what I have been entrusted.
I want to be careful to put aside what I can and
be careful to use only what is necessary on a daily basis.
But, there are certainly things in my future
that are completely unimagined at this point.
My van will need replacing soon.
I will need a job when I finish school.
I will need a place to live that is affordable
should this house become too much for my budget.

So, I look ahead and think about the things that are to come.
I thought I would take a moment to add to my list of gifts
those gifts that I have yet to be given,
or those that are currently being formed.

251. a vehicle to replace my van
252. a special, like-spirited friend for Joy at school
(that they can encourage each other, and be wise, careful friends)
253. renewed smooth-moving, pain-free flexibility in my joints
254. a wonderful wife for James and patience until he finds her
255.  wisdom for Glory, and safety, as she begins life on her own
256. a new roof for my home
257. stamina and money to clean, update and slowly remodel my home
258.  the flow of creativity and expertise in use of programs as I learn at school
and prepare to work in “the real world”
259. deep, unmoving, free flowing peace


One thought on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Firewood

  1. it’s so true, the balance is often hard in finding that self-reliance and God-reliance. he is good to give us good gifts, and we are good and obedient to thank him for them! i love your heart to support your neighbor even when times may be uncertain for you. i only wish i lived in a climate suitable for stockpiling wood!! 🙂 the nights will get shorter for us, yes, but not cooler for many, many months!!! 🙂


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