It’s not enough

I sometimes  get frustrated with myself,
because whatever “it” is    …    “it” never seems enough.

I don’t want to just make dessert,
I want to drop fresh, warm blueberries
into heirloom stemware
and top them with chilly homemade, heavy cream topping.

I want every meal to be
pleasant on the palette
and pretty to the eye.

I want my wave to a neighbor to be a heartfelt hello.
I want to listen with my ears and my spirit.
I want to write so that my words dance across your eardrum
….     and …..   visually across the page.
I want every project at school and at home to be
creative, thorough, well planned and executed.
I want my photos to evoke emotion
and my life to make an impact.

Suddenly, this morning, I wondered,
“Do I love God this way?”
Are my gifts to Him fresh in cherished stemware?
Are they pleasant to the palette and pretty to the eye?
Are my hellos “heartfelt?”
Do I listen with all my being?
Do my words to Him dance as they leave my tongue?
Are my projects  …
prayers, my time in meditation and reading His word …..
thorough, well planned and executed?
Do I evoke His emotions
and allow my life to make an impact
because I give myself
fully, freely, intentionally?

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Oh, Lord, help me learn to
live with intention and
to give with abandon
in my spiritual walk
the same way that I do in my physical.


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