Autumn dreams and today

The days shorten.
The shadows thin.
The sun is less intense.
The humidity lessens.
The mercury dips.

Labor Day weekend culminated three weeks’ worth of visitors.  These three weeks were glorious. My BFF from south Georgia, her sweet husband and two terrific twins traveled up for a weekend.  Then my dear parents stopped in for a few days.  This weekend, friends of a decade came to see us …. all six  of them with their fabulous teen girls, sweet princess that is Joy’s age and two rough-and-tumble little boys.

We have had two lengthy, hot, humid months this summer.  This unseasonably hot summer followed our unusual dump-of-snow winter.  It’s been quite a weatherly-eventful year.

As MUCH as I love the heat … the humidity … the intense, long days of sun ….
when James’ birthday rolls around, I know it’s time to begin to fall into autumn.  The days begin to shorten after the solstice.  In our area, the dogwoods are the first to have leaves that curl and turn.  Maybe they are just wilting under the dog days of summer, but they are always the first to mention gold, amber and rust.

With a continuous stream of visitors coming, I decided to put out my fall decorations early this year.  I figured, if I didn’t get them up BEFORE the visitors began, I wouldn’t put them out … probably …. until LONG after they left. So, as I cleaned and prepared, I pulled out acorns and leaves, wreaths and love.

I posted in my Facebook status that I was putting out my decorations IN ANTICIPATION of cooler weather.  Maybe bringing them out would usher in cooler nights?

Ya know what?  Within a week of the action, the night time temps dropped!  whoohoo!  It was such a welcome change.

You know I love a probing question.
So, my friend Della pointed out how I yearn for longer days all winter. And now that summer arrived, I’m quick to put out fall decorations.  *ouch*  Good point, my friend.

This made me question whether I’m rushing life.  Am I pushing from one season and jumping into the next without enjoying the present?

After much consideration, I think not. I live in the moment.  I cherish the everyday.  I enjoy the here and now. And I  …. almost …. don’t fret about the future.  I know that God has it all under control and I don’t need to see the whole picture or worry about that which I can’t see.

At this moment, my van sits in the shop. a.g.a.i.n.  I am nearing the end of school so I will need to begin to look for a job soon. My dental insurance is now gone. And my health insurance will be in six months.

I’m not really worried.
Well, at least to the point of a “left eye twitch”
which is the tell tale sign for me that I’m fretting.
I have groceries in my pantry and fridge. My son will give me a ride to school in a few hours. My bills are up to date … today. I don’t have any major health or dental issues. And none of my children are in jail … or on bad terms with me.  It’s all good.

So, while autumn is definitely my favorite season,  I’m not r.u.s.h.i.n.g it … I’m simply …. looking forward to it.   I love the cool nights, that a sweater is needed in the morning and that I hear crunching when I walk in my yard. I love the texture, color and smells of autumn.

But, until it officially arrives in all of it’s beauty and grandeur, I’m enjoying the warmth of these last days of summer, lightning bugs still blinking in our yard and the deep, lush green of our grass.

Because the days
pass by too quickly
to NOT seize the moment
and learn from the hour.


2 thoughts on “Autumn dreams and today

  1. My eyes are always happier when I am done reading your blog. My mind is always calmer and more thoughtful when I finish reading your blog. And my heart always feels a little tug when I am done b/c I miss you my friend. You are a joy to me even at this distance we have between us. I love you and pray for you…


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