My beautiful broken home

I love things rustic and natural.
wood. rocks. steel with rust. pottery. wrought iron. plants.
And I love our home.
I picked up this little wrought iron word  …. uhm ….. somewhere along the way.
It sat on the mantle in my autumn vignette
and it made me smile.
Home is such a warm word. 

And I love my home. It’s a beautiful place to be.  There is warmth. It is inviting. It is a retreat. Anyone is welcome here. The door is always open.

One evening while sitting around chatting with friends,
James, seated beneath the mantle,  stretched a long, lanky boy-stretch
and knocked my “home” right off the mantle.
Though made of metal, it broke.
He was deeply contrite.  And as he apologized, he laughed and said
“Now, you can say I’m the cause of our ‘broken home.'”

Rather than tossing my broken treasure, I decided to keep it and
craft it into something new.
I saw this little plaque at Hobby Lobby and was inspired
to create something with my snapped wrought iron prize.

In the last year, I’ve given a great deal of thought to
love, acceptance and beauty.
I’ve struggled off and on through the years with depression
and I’ve always been a self-hater.
You could give me a compliment,
but I couldn’t say thank you
because I probably didn’t believe you.
I might be able to believe you more quickly if you were
complimenting something I “DID”
rather than something about my physical appearance or my character.

How many people live their lives disliking themselves
because they don’t live up to someone else’s standards or likes?
And what if that other person is broken, as well?
What if they aren’t in a healthy place to judge whether something is
good or beautiful or worthy?
Maybe that person is bitter, angry or wounded
so they simply lash out at the closest person to them?
And who would the closest person be?
Naturally, someone in their family….
like a sister, brother or cousin … a child or niece or nephew or spouse.

But, wait! Aren’t we all wounded? Don’t we all have scars?
Haven’t we all experienced injury? Disappointment? Betrayal?
So, when it comes down to the bottom line:
we are all in the same “broken” boat.

And so, I gather supplies … scraps …. pieces
and I craft and create … I knit and weave a tapestry of healing
on canvas and
in our broken home.
I have an idea in mind … but don’t know what the final outcome will look like.
I want my children to know they are worthy.
I want others to walk in the door and feel the spirit of love and acceptance.
I want to encourage and refresh.
I want this broken home with wounded people
to be a place of refuge and solace
because others know that we, too, are the same.

(Note: Go here to see the finished product) 

8 thoughts on “My beautiful broken home

  1. I wish we still lived around the corner and I could come over and we could curl up on big comfy chairs (b/c I can’t imagine you having any other kind of chair but those in your house) with hot cups of tea and I could pour out my heart and you could say something amazing (b/c I know you would) and I could leave feeling like I understood life a little better than I had when I arrived.


    1. Such sweet words, Karen. Yes, my chairs are big and comfy. ha ha. And how I’d love to spend time conversing with you over a cup of warm beverage and some sweet little treat. I always remember that your words were wise and deep. Yes, wish we could share some one on one time together again. Maybe in the future 😀


  2. Looking over the pictures again I find it odd that they put a hole in the “H” where they did. Certainly there needed to be a place to put in a screw to hang the word if someone wanted to hang it but look how vulnerable that hole made that word. Makes you realize that if one person in the family leaves a hole… isn’t really there… how vulnerable the family (the home) really is. And that is exactly where the word broke.


  3. yes, to answer your question, i do believe we are all broken. we live in a broken (fallen) world. but, the good news is we have a healer, repairer of sorts…praise God! He can mend us, restore us…but, most of all, love us…no matter our condition.
    what you want your home to be, you have accomplished, my friend.


    1. Yes, Bonnie, and what do people do without Him? I don’t know. I can’t imagine. I don’t WANT to even think of it. I’m so grateful for the Lord’s presence and direction, comfort and conviction in my life. *sighs of contentment*

      And thank you, for the compliment {{hugs}}


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