Beauty from the Broken

So, I spent Saturday studying economics
with large breaks for working on my Broken Home project.

I always pick up clean canvas’ when I see them at yard sales/thrift stores.  If they are two or three dollars and not heavily textured, I know I can do something with them.  For years, I’ve picked them up here and there … and they’ve sat.  I’ve KNOWN I would do something with them, but never been quite sure.

Praise God, that creativity is starting to take shape.

As I worked, repurposing the old, crafting and creating beauty from dated, marred, unattractive, I thought about the parallel in our lives.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

God takes what once worked, but is now dated and  not useful … and recreates it into something beautiful, deep and rich for today.  Layer upon layer, He uses the existing canvas to craft beauty from history. The history is still there …. but we can allow Him to meld those past experiences into something of glory, when He holds the brush, guides the strokes and is the inspiration.

And this is my home today: full of love, laughter, kindness and forgiveness.

As I worked on this, I was taken aback by the word “forgiveness.”  It HAD to be on this board.  I HAD to incorporate it into this artwork.

But, there were so many letters in this long word.  I could squeeze them together … but the word would have looked awkward. I could have left it off … but my he♥rt just WOULD NOT let me.   Forgiveness is important. It’s difficult to fit in. It’s long and can be awkward.  And our home cannot operate without it. It is integral.

As I completed the project and placed it on mantle, I was pleased. It is just what I wanted and envisioned, with the additional reminder from the difficult to place and awkwardly long word “forgiveness.”  As I glance upon this framed melody as I go about my days, I’m thankful for that gentle reminder that forgiveness is a must, no matter how difficult it is to fit into life.

“Love Spoken”  is full of the autumn colors that are my home. It is embellished with the words I feel are significant. It pleases me. I stood and admired, thanking God for inspiration and gifts of found objects, paint and a broken home to inspire me.

Like the cartoon where a lightbulb appears over a character’s head,  I remembered  a frame in the coat closet by the front door.   Like my stack of yard sale canvas, I also have an accumulation of wooden frames that have collected along the way.  I knew I had a frame large enough that it MIGHT fit this canvas. With anticipation, my heart skipped to the closet and began to uncover the stored prize that has been waiting behind hoodies and pea coats, a ski bib and air conditioner filters and for years. Would it now have a place of use, beauty and purpose?

*gasp*  It fit.

A $5.00 frame from a yard sale and a $2.00 dated canvas, paint, a broken, wrought iron lyric and a hand full of found objects with inspiration from a creative Father make me thankful that
I, too, am a beautiful collage of old made into new.
My home is broken, but rich and full and wonderful … it is whole and new and opulent with His help.
We are love, laughter, kindness and forgiveness when we let Him guide our strokes.
We are framed in beauty that is tucked away, waiting to be revealed when the time is right.

12 thoughts on “Beauty from the Broken

  1. Woman!!! You are one talented lady!! I love this artwork! And I miss talking to you! We have to get back to photography! Rebekah is almost ready! And, I still owe you some painting!


  2. chick this is absolutely amazing…more beautiful that I could have imagined…the words alone are beautiful but the color and the life that have inspired them leave me speachless…girl you got some made skills!


    1. thanks, frand. i want you to stop by and see it some time. or maybe i’ll bring it with me when i visit the lake house *wink* i’m starting on another idea this weekend. i had trouble getting to sleep last night because i kept thinking about it. …. ily!!


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