Okay ….
So, I go on and on about being honest, truthful and transparent, right?
Not so long ago, I told an innocent, little-bitty, tiny lie to cover for myself.
It was so small that I didn’t even THINK of it as deceptive …. not in the LEAST!
And now … I’m red-faced with embarrassment and wondering why my parents still continue to stand by my side. Yep. Because, I didn’t just “lie,” I lied to my Moma and Daddy. *sighs and pounds head on wall*

Let me give you some background so I can try to redeem myself in some fashion, okay?

As the miles between us have increased, purchased presents have gone to the wayside and money with a special card have become our birthday staple. There is almost always a $20.00 bill inside a card … or maybe a check for $25.00.  The gift is more about the love and sentiment than the amount sent. It’s always enough to go out to eat or buy yourself a little something you’ve been wanting, but not felt you should buy…. a nice little splurge.

Let me tell you: (this statement requires a circular head bob AND a an index finger in the air)  my Daddy can PICK OUT A CARD. My Mom told me some time ago that she lets Daddy pick out the cards because he does such a good job.  She is SO right.

Maybe God leads him right to the right one every time, I don’t know.  What I DO know is that I would have to read through dozens of cards to find one as perfect as he finds EVERY time one shows up in the mail. 

And my Mom is SO faithful to get it in the mail so that the card arrives two to three days BEFORE the blessed event.  Whether it’s Mother’s day, anniversary or birthday, the card from south Georgia always arrives early.  I generally try to catch my sweet mail lady – me running down the sidewalk, waving my stamped envelope -as she comes down the OTHER side of the street …. the day AFTER the event has passed. *moan*

I have to admit that I think special cards are a gift like a boxed item … so when they arrive in the mail, they are set aside -hidden even! – until we are gathered round the table to sing and celebrate. Uhm…. sometimes they’re hidden REALLY well! …. like ….. we’ve found them MONTHS later when search parties energies were almost exhausted.

So, I went to Florida on the week of my birthday.  The man/child stayed here and kept the birds and cats, dog and plants alive. And he brought in the mail … I think. I remember there was mail in the box when I got home, but I don’t know if it was four days worth or just a portion of the mail that arrived while I was away. And I thought I had opened all of it.

But, James brought me a card last night and asked if I had seen it.  It was from my folks.  *grins*  NO!  I hadn’t seen that!  As I began to pry open the back flap, a nice sharp, stinging paper cut would have been appropriate as I remembered a conversation I had with my daddy right after I got home from Mary Ann’s house. It went sort of like this:

(holds phone to ear, alternately talking and listening) ….
Then, Mom in background encourages dad to ask: “Did she get her birthday card?”
Dad asks and my mind races.
I can’t remember this year’s card.
But, I’m SURE it was beautiful.
It had to have been. It always is.
I’ll have to go find it to read it again.
I usually put them out on the bookshelf after I open them
…. so I can look at it again and again … hmmm……
Where did I put that thing? What did it look like?
Gosh! I can’t even remember!! I’m getting so forgetful! *blushes*
And I quickly and sweetly  respond,

“Yesssss…… thank you so much,”

SIMULTANEOUSLY remembering that I haven’t mailed mom HER card or present because I thought I’d be at her house on our in-between birthday (her’s on 20th, mine on 22nd) to give it to her in person. But, that plan failed and I ended up in Florida and … well ….   I quickly changed the subject on to something else because I’m feeling so bad ………
then …. I open the mail.
I read.
My heart swells.
Beautiful words of encouragement from my sweet father and my dear mother.

I slowly open the card to finishing reading the kind words and find
not a $20.00 bill or a $25.00 check … but one hundred dollars cash.

Like slow motion in a movie, my head spins and I remember my conversation with my parents …. how they asked me about my card and I just whooshed by the subject with  a possible half-truth …. because I couldn’t remember the card exactly and now I can’t even call them to thank them because I talked to my daddy less than an hour ago and he said they were going to church  for choir practice for their first Christmas cantata rehearsal and I have to go to bed NOW because it’s getting late and they won’t even be home before I turn out my lights and when I get up in the morning, they’ll still be sleeping and then I’ll have to go to school and class will start about the time they’re stirring so I can’t really call until around lunch …  and … and … and ….

Moma & Daddy, I owe you such an apology. I didn’t … intentionally lie to you.  I’m so embarrassed. I’m sad to think that you would think that I was ungrateful because I rushed past your question about your sweet, generous gift. Surely I came across as unappreciative. And NOTHING could be further than the truth.

thank you. Thank you. Thank You!!

I’m still in shock. Really.
I have this money set aside to use for something special. It will either help me buy a video camera for school … or finance a trip to come down for a visit soon.  I miss you.

I love you both … so much. And miss you *tears*


2 thoughts on “Liar!

  1. UGH…. I am so sorry. But surely such loving parents will “get it” completely. I know, for me, my biggest concern with my mom and step dad is that they would think I was taking them for granted for even one minute. When you have phenomenal parents you desperately want to be a phenomenal kid.


  2. I called them today. Mom said she wondered why I hadn’t mentioned the money … they were both very understanding – AND thankful that I found it!
    That’s a great way to put it – yes, when you have phenomenal parents, you desperately want to be a phenomenal kid … even at 47!!


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