Makes Me Happy Monday : Visitors

I am so proud of myself.

The corner where my bird cage sits
has a floor beneath lightly scattered with bird seed and feathers…
my coffee table is gently sprinkled with dust
my couch is marked with a smear of fur where a cat once rested.

I did not apologize. not once.

I did not try to explain why my home wasn’t perfectly spotless.
It took a good deal of effort. I had to be intentional NOT to say anything.
And, I did well!
I did not try to act as if I live in a perfectly clean home most of my days,
and that today was just an out-of-the-ordinary exception
when in fact, it was perfectly routine.
Certain things get done – certain do not.
Neither the vacuum, feather duster nor windex come out daily
but love, forgiveness and patience happen here consistently.
Strife, struggle and arguing are not welcome.
We live and love….
There may be physical messes
but we handle and clean up the spiritual ones
as quickly as possible.

Several months ago, in my scurry to leave school, I managed to leave my tripod behind.
A friend was kind enough to bring it by my home as he traveled past to his.

He had never been to our home before.  We don’t have guests often. It makes me sad. I’ve always pictured myself as being someone with a home full of people.  We would entertain often.  We would have game night and raucous laughter would fill our home, traveling through the ceiling to the rafters above and beyond.

But, I go to bed early
and there’s always something
completely “trivial”
that seems very crucial
to entertaining properly
that needs to be completed
before we can have guests over.
You know?
Things like painting the living room
or replacing the washers in the bathroom faucet
or replacing the gate latch in the backyard
or removing the cobwebs in the crawl space under the house
because you know that a guest might notice these unkempt areas.
Things that need to be finished
before we can
bond … unite …. yoke.

I know. #ridiculous

So, we don’t.

Week after week,
month after month,
the days speed by
and we don’t ask guests to visit,
to sup,
to converse.

But, a friend called and wanted to drop by.
My eyes scanned the horizon.
Breathe deep. It’s just stuff. He won’t notice.

He arrives shortly.
The sink – both sides –
and kitchen counters – all three –
are covered in the remains of dishes used to prepare to a festivity at school that morn.
The carpet needed vacuuming.
The dust …. feathers …. fur ….
sat untouched.

He came in and sat on my couch and we talked
and talked
and talked,
sweet Joy there at my side working with my laptop
on a digital project
and James coming in shortly to share in our time.

At least three hours, we sat and talked
fire in the fireplace
rain pattering on the re-greening grass out the window.
It was so pleasant.
It brought me such joy.

And I was reminded again,
that it’s just stuff.
It’s the spiritual …
the people that matter.

Lord, I pray, you would teach me this lesson
so that I do not have to be retaught.
Work out the details
that I don’t fret over the physical messes
but rather spend my time focusing on the spiritual…
soul to soul,
spirit to spirit
intangible to ethereal.

Visitors make me so very #happy.
What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morn?


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