Poop on the counter

I had a friend stopping by … and I wanted to play a trick on him.
Funny thing is, I ended up playing a trick on myself.

Joy and I picked up this fake poop …. somewhere??? It looks pretty darn convincing. The visitor was supposed to stop by for a bit so, I put the poop in a place that might be a good spot for a wayward pet to leave a present.  I put it on the carpet in the dining room, just out from under the dining room table. I believe at the time we may have been pet sitting, so it seemed like a possible thing for a pet to have an accident.

But, the joke was on me.

At the end of the day, the friend ended up not stopping by ….  BUT, the PHONE GUY came on time. He was such a nice guy.  It took him a while, but he finally figured out what was wrong with the phone jack….the phone jack that was WITHIN FOUR FEET of the trick excrement!!  Yep!  He was under the house, in the front door, out the back …. and all over …. the …. dining room where …. the …… phone …. jack was …. located!

So, I didn’t get to fool my friend ….
but I did look like a repulsively-gross, slacker-of-a-housekeeper to the phone guy.
WAY to go, Karen!!!
Yep, we all got a good laugh out of that one!

More recently, the poop somehow ended up “sticky.”  I have no idea how that happened, but I knew I didn’t want dirty poop in my house, so I threw the little rubber toy into the dishwasher.  When the dishwasher was emptied, evidently the person handling the dishes didn’t remember WHERE the poop is stored because it was left out on the counter rather than being put back into the drawer where it belongs!! *duh* It goes in the top drawer of the china hutch! jeewhiz!

The little neighbor boy who comes over to visit Anna stopped by the other day while I was beginning the re-glazing project. He stood in the front yard and chatted with me for a good thirty minutes.  Then he asked if he could bring Dulcie outside. “Sure!!” I replied.  But, he would have to go get a leash to bring her in the front yard.

I gave him directions and he went inside to retrieve the leash and the dog….. walking right past the kitchen counter where fresh, clean poop sat.  Oh my!  I can’t help but wonder what he thought … and if he told his family when he got home!!

So, sometimes we have fun with our toys and “get” other people
and sometimes … the jokes on us!!!! ha ha

And I am reminded:

If we can’t laugh at ourselves,
life is a whole lot less fun.

2 thoughts on “Poop on the counter

  1. That is hilarious. My kids saw the pictures so of course I had to tell them the whole story… it was a great start to our school day… what kid under 15 doesn’t like a good poop story?


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