Beautiful you

I took chalk with me on my camping trip. As we loaded the van and he came across the bucket of colored sticks, James laughed at me.  But, I had a purpose … a plan.  Some time ago, I read  about a really incredible woman who leaves notes of encouragement all over the sidewalks as she goes about her life.  We write notes on our driveway … but I’ve not yet left a note
in public
for just any passerby.

But, I did it here.

You are beautiful - You are BeA{you}tiFULL!My hope in writing this message is to begin conversation between mothers and daughters or friends.  My hope is to speak encouragement into a life that may not have heard this phrase in a long time. My hope is to get women thinking about beauty … internal … or external …..

As I sat on the sidewalk to tie my shoes, I watched a mother and daughter make their way into the bathhouse. I listened to the mom help her early-reader sound out the message. The little girl read, “ …. you ….. are …… “
and Mom completed the sentence,
“beautiful. You are beautiful.”

I wonder if she has told her little girl this before?
Does she tell her often?
Has she told her lately?

For several years, I have made it a point to tell friends, neighbors, young girls that I know  ….. that they are beautiful.

I remember watching an Oprah show once. It’s been at least five or ten years since I saw this particular episode.  She told the story of a woman who told her that she was beautiful.  She was around eight or ten years old, I think. Oprah still remembers it.  It was the first time she remembers being told that she was beautiful.

I can relate to that. I know that my own parents love me … deeply … but I don’t remember them ever telling me I am beautiful. That isn’t a BAD thing.  It’s not that they SHOULD have told me and DIDN’T.  It’s just … that it never came up. Ya know?

About a year and a half ago, I was standing with a friend at church. His early-teenaged daughter walked by and I said, “Savannah, you’re beautiful.”  She smiled her blushing smile and said, “Thank you.”  I turned to her dad and asked Tom, “Do you tell her that she’s beautiful?” He jokingly said, “Hhmmppff. No. She already knows it.”

By the standards of media, the world, fashion trends today, she is beautiful.
But, that beauty is fleeting. It is temporary.
It can be lost in a moment – by an accident.
It can be lost slowly – through bitterness and anger.
As the mind chooses that route, so follows our spirit.
Our external body then carries that wound and expresses it …
through our eyes …. our actions and attitude …. our mannerisms and words.
Bitterness of the heart seeps from our being
and kills beauty.

Inner beauty is the beauty that lasts.  And it is the beauty that permeates our being.
It overflows and spills out of us to be seen by others
… no matter what we look like.
Without inner beauty, there is no outer beauty.

I turned to Tom and said,
“If you don’t tell her she’s beautiful, she’ll find a man who will.”

Shortly, my pre-teen daughter walks by. Tom says, “Hey, Joy.  Does your Mama tell you that you’re beautiful.”  She laughed in the the same joking style that had come from Tom moments earlier. In passing, she rolled her eyes and said, with her Joyful, dramatic flair, “Hhmmmppfff. ALL.THE.TIME.”

That’s right. And I will continue to tell her.

But, wait. Understand here: I’m not talking about “beauty” by the world’s standards. This beauty is a contented acceptance of yourself.  It is a place of enjoying yourself from the inside out. It is knowing that you have worth and gifts to offer. In this acceptance, you rest in a place of being beautiful.

Has anyone told you lately?
Has anyone told you that you are beautiful?
You are. YOU are beautiful!
You are bea{you}tifull … through and through.
You are unique and worthy. You are original and of great value.
You are uncommon because there is nobody else in the world
with your particular gifts, creativities and experiences.
You, my friend, are richly, wonderfully and full beautiful.
Believe it.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful you

  1. I struggle with the dreadful reality of what I see each morning in the mirror as time goes on. I am trying to grasp the reality of life, aging, and where real beauty lies. Kate thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. A child’s love for her mama is a grand thing, isn’t it?


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