Purse snatcher teaches a lesson

It hasn’t even been twelve hours yet.
Last night, at 7:02, Glory’s credit card was declined at a gas pump at Raceway.
But, her next card worked. So, it was used to filled up a gas tank.
Not long after, she walked the bicycle up the hill at the Savannah Rapids Tow Path,
a mile and a half away from her stolen purse,
to find this:

She called me first.  I instructed her to call the police and then immediately cancel her bank cards. By the time I got there, she was surrounded by police cars.

Her trunk latch was knocked ajar some time ago and didn’t work properly, so for a bit, things were actually a little safer in her locked car than they were in her unlockable trunk. She got out of the habit of using her trunk as a “safe place.” Her trunk has since been repaired, but she still forgets to use it.  Honestly, I think she’s just too trusting.  Youth allows us that treacherous deceit though, doesn’t it? She was shaken up a bit, but in my motherly-eyes, that’s such a blessing.
This youthful, energetic girl works at a restaurant where she gets off late.  She works with her two room mates and a handful of friends.  She gets off work late and sometimes runs by a grocery store, Wal-mart or meets friends at an all-night diner before going home.  So, she is out and about late at night, in a car that has a roof that can be opened
more easily than a box shipped through UPS.
“Locked inside her car” is a concept, not a physical reality.

And so, I praise God for this theft. The person slit her roof, drove down the road to our favorite gas station, pumped gas and tossed her purse into the dumpster. We know some of the workers there by name.  Raceway does not sell pornography and they only charge $1.50 to use their ATM machine. How amazing that they would drive straight to the only gas station that we ever use!

The police went to the business to ask about video tape, but didn’t look around for the bag. Joy and I went home and grabbed our maglights and did some detective work. I didn’t want the dumpster to be emptied before we had a chance to do some digging.  We looked in each trash can and then in the dumpster at the station.

I thought we would have to look harder,
but I could see the black liner of her purse in a corner of the dumpster
behind a Budweiser box and on top of a trash bag.  The whole episode took look than three hours
and so much good came from it. Truly, I’m praising God.

Everything was in her purse, except her three bank/credit cards and eighteen dollars in cash. Only one card was used before all three cards were canceled.  Even if the bank doesn’t reimburse her for the single transaction, a tank of gas is a small price to pay for a lesson well learned.

I am so thankful.  Had this not happened, Glory and her bff/roomie, Barbie, might have run an errand after work one night and turned the corner into an unknown neighborhood.  They might have been followed to their car in a parking lot. They might have been jumped at a stop sign when they weren’t paying attention  … only canvas separating them from danger.

They might have had much, much more than a few bank cards and some cash stolen.
This scare has helped her realize that a thin, fabric roof offers little to no personal protection
from one that wants to do harm.
I am thankful.

You know there is no such thing as “coincidence,” right?
Everything that happens first sifts through God’s hands of approval.
God has a purpose for all things.  He can use all things for good.

And so, I wonder … what if the person is caught?
What responsibility do I have in God’s eyes to this life
that may have saved my daughter’s?

If the person is caught,
I’d love to go visit him/her.
I owe them so much more
than the value of a tank of gas.


2 thoughts on “Purse snatcher teaches a lesson

  1. Wow! What a story! So glad Glory is safe and made more aware of her vulnerability in these dark times. I love the way you remind us that everything is sifted through God’s hands of love and mercy!!


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