Makes Me Happy Monday : Dreads

With a head of hair that is full of body AND a head that is larger than average, James has always been a bit self conscious about his head/hair. Even at 20, James could tell that his hairline was slowly moving.  And it seemed to bother him a bit.

But in the past six months or more, he’s grown past that. I am so thankful.  He’s come to the realization that there are some things that you can’t change (like your hair texture or head size …. or hair line) and it really doesn’t matter what people think. So, he has decided to let his hair grow out.

This photo was taken back on July 4th.  His hair has grown a LOT in three and a half months. I have loved it. Although, I’ve been thinking – and suggesting – that he needed to trim his bangs just a bit, because they started to get into his eyes lately. But, “NO!”  That was out of the question.

As it has grown longer, he has started  wearing it in a funky bandana from time to time.  This, of course, exposes his hairline fully.  And he’s SO okay with this. Man, does this make me happy. Self-contentment and self-acceptance. They’re good things. 

James has always been a unique individual. He’s not afraid to be alone or stand out in the crowd. He will stand for what is right and ask tough questions. It seemed only fitting when he began to toy with the idea of dreads.

After getting an okay from his boss at work,  he took the leap. Last Friday,  a friend came over and spent the day backcombing and weaving his hair into individual dreads. All day, she was here.  Nine-thirty a.m. until sometime well after one o’clock in the morning. She stood; he sat in a stool. She sat on the couch; he sat on the floor. He sat in the chair; she stood behind him. She worked and worked and worked. I told Katie she was a trooper and a half.  She was so patient and diligent. And she did a really good job on his hair.

It will take a while for his scalp to feel comfortable again and the dreads to lay down (they’re still sticking straight up … kinda like and “lock up” (knot and tighten) the way they should.  But, I think James is really pleased.

And I’m pleased, as well.  I’m pleased that my kids feel a comfort in trying something out of the ordinary. I’m happy that they don’t feel pressure to be like “everybody else.” I’m thankful that, at a very young age, all three of my kids seem to be more comfortable living in their own skin, that I was even two years ago.

James & Katy, dreading

Today, dreads make me happy.  Dreads make me happy because they are a symbol of my son choosing to be an individual and risking being different. They represent a comfort with himself that is a good thing.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?


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