Weren’t we just here?

I walk past the master bedroom door that is the entryway to the deck when a familiar silhouette catches my eye. I see the common, bouncy flit of the shadow of a house wren. She must be perched on the roof above my head, the morning sun streaming from behind … across my roofline and casting her shadow onto the wall of the mother-in-law suite that sits beside our home. I think of how soon it will be that I will only see her on the bird feeder … her hiding away most of her days to stay warm through the cold, slow winter months. She will come and dine daily beside the Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee and Cardinals – always a pair. And I will thank God for their beautiful flashes of color, for their cheerful flutter and the seed dross they will leave on the ground beneath the feeder.

The drive is lined with pine needles and leaves. The wood, waiting to be burned to warm our lair, one log at a time.

From my bay window, I see the familiar morning  light sifting through the dogwood of umber, burgundy and olive. These trees are like paintings that decorate my den for a few short weeks each autumn. Maple and Dogwood are my two favorite fall trees.

The rail of the deck is daily littered with acorn fodder.  The harvest so bountiful this time of year that the squirrels – with an attention span of an eighteen-month old – don’t even finish one nut before another one catches their eye and they are off to change snacks, leaving the open nut behind … now easier for a bird to enjoy or ants to carry off, one morsel of meat at a time.

The skeletal remains of pine cones are everywhere.  Squirrels are pulling them apart, one scale at a time to get to their nuts, close to the body of the cone. They leave bare spines everywhere … easier to break down, I guess – to turn to dust, like us … eventually.

Soon,  some of my plants that decorate the deck will need to come inside for a winter’s rest.  They’ll take the birds post by the window.  Zana and Rocket will need to be moved away from the window to a less drafty, winter position. My parakeets - Zana & RocketAnd I scratch my head in wonder.
Weren’t we just here?
Didn’t the pool just open for splashes and picnics? Didn’t we just fill our concession card so Joy could have her fill of summer ice cream and quick-energy-air heads?
Didn’t we just celebrate the end of another victorious swim season …  painting “Go Makos” slogans on bare backs and shoulders with sharpies?
Didn’t we just buy back-to-school clothes, markers and new long sleeved shirts, walking aisles of glue sticks, notebooks and scissors at the local five-and-dime?
Didn’t the leaves just rustle, fall and crunch … moving from leaf covered trunks and limbs … to barren, scaffolding of brown and gray?
Didn’t the the shadows just stretch long across my deck, striping the foliage with alternating vertical lines of shade and light?Begonias and light

Time flies by – whether we are having fun or not.

But, I’ve wondered recently why life is – less of a blur. I soak in the moments. I enjoy the days. I live today and look forward to tomorrow.  Life is so good, so wonderful, so very enjoyable …. each season, each week, each moment, each  flash of an instant.

I enjoy going to bed …. it’s a wonderful time of snuggling.
I enjoy waking up … to a quiet house, coffee pot waiting, God’s living Word,
and a kitty so very pleased to see me.
I enjoy going to school. I love listening to my instructor talk about Economics. I hear Philosophy in each spoken line.
I find joy in cranking my van – because it runs,
in sweeping my front porch and walk … a mess because I live in a neighborhood wrought with trees,
in washing my silverware – beautiful sterling from a yard sale
that reminds me of decades of provision of cuisine delish on my table.

Maybe it is my blogging that makes things … familiar.
I see repetition and realize I can’t write about “that” again.
So, I look for new views, search for the uncommon in the familiar.

And so, the weeks turn into months and the seasons roll around.
Soon we will gather and give thanks,
open Christmas presents and make Valentine cookies.
Soon, we will watch the grass re-green,
the barren trees re-foliage
and meet at the pavilion to sign up for swim team.

And I savor each moment, enjoying what God allows into my life.


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