She is beautiful.
I know she knows
because I have told her
over and over.

Madeleine LovettIn just a few weeks, she will have the chance to show her strength, agility and poise
when she dances on stage as The Snow Queen
in South Georgia Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker.

Maddie LovettIn just a few days,
she will lie on a table
at The Medical College of Georgia’s Children’s Hospital
to have a procedure performed
to stop her heart from racing uncontrollably..
as high as 260 bpm
when she is simply sitting still.

She will go to school today,
as usual
and then get into the family vehicle
and ride to Augusta.

I can’t wait to see her
or her mom and dad.

But, I know she’s nervous.

And what do you say?
What words can be used
to comfort a child
who is no longer a child?

I continue to tell her that the nurses, doctors, and staff at MCG are wonderful.
They specialize in their field. They specialize in children.
They are better than “good” at what they do; they are “excellent.”
But, she needs so much more than that assurance.
She needs peace …
peace that transcends understanding and can only be from God.
Would you please join me in praying for her?
Pray for safe travel.
Pray for wise speech from her parents
– speech that would be what she needs to hear, when she needs to hear it.Della and Mad Lovett
Pray for a successful procedure,
that the hands of the doctors would be Divinely guided
and her recovery would be
quick and thorough.
Would you pray for a peace that is so shocking
that even she doesn’t understand it.
that she would KNOW that the Peace
is the Spirit of God
upon her
around her
and within her?
I am praying the same.
Thank you
and bless you.



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